Well, a very simple answer to your curious question is yes. Yes, Arlo can work with Google Homes. All you need to do is know your devices in detail and begin up your setting & mounting effectively.

Your Arlo camera can be connected to Google Home, and you can enjoy the view of all those places that have your Arlo cameras.

Once you successfully get all the settings done and dusted using the steps mentioned below, you can then now instruct Google Home to receive and serve with orders you serve.

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What is Arlo Cameras?

What is Arlo Cameras

Arlo Cameras usually are security cameras that you can choose to get installed in your homes for extra security and privacy. You can get it mounted on any of your desired locations, like walls, ceilings, or voila. And once it gets mounted effectively, you can begin to monitor it using your favorite Google Home.

Benefits of Arlo Cameras

Arlo Cameras are one of the most refined pieces of quality that satisfy its customers like no other. It has the perfect blend of advancement and variety, which makes it one of the most chosen cameras. There are few more benefits associated with the Arlo Cameras mentioned below: –

  • Arlo Cameras are truly refined in terms of technology advancement. It simply has the best feature that covers almost any and every need of the customer.
  • These Cameras are truly handy and not very complicated to understand. You can easily get it mounted at your desired location without too much effort or struggle.
  • Variety is another pleasing aspect of Arlo. One can choose the cameras of their choice, model, and design by considering several other similar aspects.
  • Rates are also considered to be a major point of conversation. Arlo Cameras, as mentioned earlier, are a blend of style, comfort, reliability, and quality. So, according to the services and quality it offers, the deal seems to be quite well at the rates offered by the firm. It is a one-time investment for lifelong security.
  • It provides you with outstanding HD 2k Video footage.
  • Provides you with Night vision with an added 160°-degree field of vision along with noise cancellation.
  • It is not a contract-based system and can be done by us (DIY) as it involves no wiring.
  • It is well integrated for third-party apps to operate with.
  • Although it has a superb 2k recording, it has few recordings delay issues.

What is Google Home?

So, for the people who are extremely new to the technology world or have never heard the concept of Google Home, we are here to help you explore it in detail.

So basically, Google Home is an App that controls Google Nest, Home Speakers, Displays, and Chromecasts. This is the finest result of modern technology advancement.

It helps you control thousands of lights, equipment like cameras, speakers, and several others. You can also check for reminders and notifications just using this single app.

Therefore, to use this technology advancement, Google Homes are highly in demand.

Setting Up the Arlo Camera

So now that you have decided to get your favourite Arlo Camera installed, you might seem excited. Also, you seem to have found the answer to your question, Does Arlo work with Google Home? So, you surely might be feeling confident and secure about the overall installation.

Also getting your Arlo Camera installed boosts a sense of security, privacy, and conviction that finally our homes are safeguarded and are in our constant watch.

So, without delaying it any further let us get started with the process involved in installing your Arlo Cameras.

Tools You Will Be Requiring While the Practice:

  • A power drill with a 15/64-inch (6mm) drill bit.
  • A Phillips-head screwdriver.
  • The screw mount that came in with the package with your camera.

So now that you have your necessary tools well organized, let us begin with our responsible steps of Mounting your Arlo Camera, which you will be monitoring and enjoying by having access to Google Homes.

  1. Place the screw mount on the wall or ceiling where you plan to mount your camera.
  2. On the wall or ceiling, mark the location of the three holes from the mount—[Use the marks as a guide to drill holes].
  3. Remove the screw mount from the wall.
  4. Use a 15/64-inch (6mm) drill bit to drill three holes into the wall.
  5. Place the screw mount back onto the wall and align it with the three holes in the wall.
  6. While holding the wall plate over the tree holes, use a Phillips-head screwdriver to fasten the screw into each hole.
  7. Screw your camera clockwise into the screw mount.
  8. Tilt and swivel to adjust the angle of the camera.
  9. Twist the thumbscrew and the grip clockwise to tighten the camera position.

Connecting Your Arlo Camera with The Google Home

  • Launch the Google Assistant app. Make sure you are on the homepage.
  • Tap the ‘+’ icon (Add).
  • Tap Set up devices – Have something already set up?
  • Select the Arlo icon from the list of device options.
  • Sign in with your Arlo account. Your camera is added to your Google Assistant.
  • To test your camera, it says, “Hey Google, show [the name of the Google device] and the [name of the room it is in].”
  • To end the stream, just say, “Hey Google, [ the name of the room where the camera is] on [ the name of the Google device].”

It cannot get any easier than this to keep an eye over your house even when you are not at home. All you need to do is go to the Google Home app and select the camera of whichever place you want to keep a check on.


Getting your Arlo connected to Google Homes will surely enhance your user experience. It would simply get you insights into anything and everything where Arlo Camera equipment is placed.

But you can only enjoy it thoroughly if you know and understand both systems effectively.

Therefore, we have tried to help you by providing all the necessary information on the same. We hope this piece of information helped you find your answers to the questions effectively.

If, in case, you still have any doubts or questions on the above-discussed subject, then please feel free to voice it using the comment section below.

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