Your home should be a place that reflects your style and interests, making it uniquely personalised to you. After all, it’s where you come to relax and unwind at the end of a long day.

Personalising your space doesn’t need a huge budget – even the smallest touches can transform a generic room into a space that says you. It’s about putting your own twist on things through design choices that show off your style.

Not sure where to start? In this guide, you’ll find easy tips to personalise your space and turn it into a home that is truly yours.

The Art of Colours and Tones

Beauty is subjective and when it comes to colour — we all have our favourites. Some people are drawn to the bold and bright, while others prefer the muted monotones of more minimalist design. Regardless of your preference, colour plays a huge role in the design of your space.

For inspiration, pick up colour swatches or paint samples at your local hardware store and compare them side by side. You may want to paint the entire space a bright colour, or stick to a feature wall. There’s also wallpaper and other wall design elements like panelling to consider.

Another great way to bring in warm tones and colours is with your flooring. Dark flooring can add a touch of sophistication into the home, while also being great for hiding dirt or scuffs. Light and bright flooring options like premium vinyl, floorboards or carpet can put a modern spin on your space, while also lightening it up.

Not sure where to start? An easy way to narrow it down is by thinking about ‘colour temperature’, and how this can affect the mood of the space:

  • Warm colours such as red, orange and yellow should be used in moderation. These shades are invigorating and uplifting.
  • Cool colours such as blue, green and purple are best suited to relaxation spaces. They’re calm, inspirational and balanced.
  • Neutral colours such as black, white, grey and brown work well as a base. Add splashes of warm or cool colours to spice them up.

Use Wall Art to Tell Your Story

Wall art is your opportunity to add character and create visual interest in every room. There are no rules and you’re only limited by your imagination. Instead, consider wall art that tells a story that you want to tell.

Some ideas include:

  • A collage of framed family photographs
  • A canvas print of an exotic destination
  • A painting by a local artist
  • A wall hanging in natural fibres
  • DIY craft or artwork
  • A hand painted mural
  • A display of your children’s artwork

Art can be the perfect way to add personal expression to your space, so get creative and have fun with different colours or styles.

Bring Life to The Space with Plants

Indoor plants come in a range of colours and sizes so you can choose the one that best suits your style. Your options will depend on the lighting and your commitment level. Love the idea of a low-maintenance plant? A cactus requires very little care, while adding a pop of greenery. Meanwhile, something like an orchid might be more of a challenge to keep alive.

Low light options include peace lilies and ferns. With some care, these plants will grow beautifully in dimly lit rooms. Do you have a bright space? Alternatives like aloe vera and birds of paradise will thrive in a sunny window.

Aside from the plant itself, you can showcase your style with quirky pots that suit your personality.

Create Comfort with Different Textures

If there’s one way to instantly give a room a makeover, it’s with texture. A bamboo soft furry throw here, a colour cushion there can help give your space a warm and cosy feel that reflects your personal style. When picking out your soft furnishings, aim for a mix of fabrics in the same colour palette to layer the look. A breezy, light curtain can add a touch of softness to a space, while rough surfaces in wood, stone or concrete can add interest. Pair the two together to create a space that oozes depth and style.

Accessorise Your Space with Meaningful Items

Over time, many of us collect bits and pieces that make our hearts sing. From vintage finds to personalised gifts to statement furniture, these are the items that will truly personalise your space.

Put things such as fun coasters, quirky bookends and holiday momentos on display. Decorative pieces can be placed on floating shelves, dining tables or sideboards and paired with items in the same theme. Adding these personal touches will not only make you feel at home by reflecting your personality and story, but are the perfect conversation starters for your guests.

Create a Space that Is Truly Yours

Forget the design rules and create a space that you want to come home to. From colour palettes to wall art, to indoor plants and mementos, personalisation is about what you love.

With a few simple additions your space can be a reflection of your style and truly a space you can call your own. This process doesn’t need to happen overnight — your interior decorating flair will evolve over time. Start small, and gradually add different accessories and elements. With these simple tips, your home will always be your go-to space.

Sohel Khan

Sohel Khan

Sohel Khan is an amazing outdoor enthusiast who has been sharing his camping adventures and outdoor wisdom. He holds a BA in Environmental Science and has worked with various conservation NGOs. His expertise ranges from sustainable camping practices to wildlife conservation. His passion for the natural world extends beyond his professional life, as he is also an active participant in community environmental initiatives. In his free time, he enjoys photography and volunteering at local nature reserves.

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