In any facility, there are some interior elements that are necessary regarding many aspects. Interior signage, and restroom signs, in particular, belong to the category of solutions that make your space more customer-oriented and visitor-friendly. Let’s take a closer look at some aspects that make restroom plates important for a restaurant, hotel, office, medical facility, educational institution, and others.

Types of Restroom Signs

To begin with, we need to explore what types of restroom signs are there and in what context they might be used. Foremost, restroom signs are classified according to the categories of visitors that are supposed to enter their respective rooms. These are:

  • Women/lady restroom sign;
  • Men restroom sign;
  • All-gender restroom sign;
  • Unisex restroom sign;
  • Children restroom sign.

Other than these, we can specify the category of restroom signs that are used in hotels:

  • Washroom sign — usually, a room with both toilet and shower available;
  • Clean restroom sign — places after cleaning procedures are over to inform dwellers that the room might be used again;
  • Hotel bathroom sign — refers to bathrooms with a shower.

Arranging a Comfortable Space

The first reason for you to consider placing proper restroom signs is the need to properly arrange the space of your facility for all visitors. Restrooms play a very important role in ensuring visitors feel comfortable rather than insecure. This is necessary to depict in signs because, obviously, some ladies might feel uneasy entering the same restroom with men. That’s why it’s better to provide them with their own space and communicate this using specific ladies’ restroom door signs with internationally recognized symbols/pictograms and readable fonts. What’s more, by putting specific ladies’ restroom signs for mothers and babies, you put young mothers at ease, which makes a very good impression.

Ensuring Proper Navigation

Whatever type of door sign you are looking for, you will find that wayfinding and navigation are the major functions of plates. This condition is especially acute for restroom signs. Many restaurant visitors, for example, might feel very frustrated to ask waiters or administrators about the location of restrooms. If you want to help them avoid this frustration and other related inconveniences, ensure that they will have the possibility to navigate around your space independently.

Making Space More Inclusive

Ladies’ restroom signs aren’t the only you should be looking for to make your space comfortable. Today, businesses are very eager to show their visitors that they celebrate diversity and inclusivity. Restroom signs are the solutions that help achieve this aim.

For instance, you can use all-gender restroom signs showing that you respect the self-identification of your clients. Or you can make your space more inclusive for people who suffer from disabilities. Just place wheelchair restroom signs and arrange the space in a way that will help a disabled individual experience maximum comfort.



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