Smart technology is getting enhanced day by day and now it has taken over many homes, cities, and now even the world.

The devices and tools that are developed using these smart technologies provide us many benefits. The Nest Camera is also one such device.

It is a security camera that you can set up outside your home and with the help of this camera, you can monitor all the activities going on outside your home.

What Does the Nest Camera Do?

What Does the Nest Camera Do

The Nest Security Camera is a smart device that is mainly designed to monitor the activities that go on in your absence.

These cameras will be connected to your home and will show you everything no matter where they have been set up.

It provides you 24 hours service including a high-quality video that will help you in monitoring the activities and provides you a night vision.

Nowadays, almost every other person has bought this Nest Camera because of the benefits it provides us back.

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How to Change the Owner of a Nest Camera?

Well, changing the owner of the Nest Camera needs to remove the product from your account first.

Only one user can be the owner of the camera and hence the previous owner needs to be removed first and only then a new user will be added. In this article, we will guide you step by step to change the owner of the Nest Camera.

Changing the Owner of Nest Camera?

Have you decided that you want to change the owner of the Nest Camera? If not, then you must make this decision this decision quickly and by deeply thinking about it because it involves many steps that you need to perform for changing the owner.

Changing the owner of the Nest Camera requires you to remove the product from your account first and then create a new user and add the device into their account.

Nest Camera is a smart security camera and does not allow more than one person to be the owner of the Nest camera. Therefore, it must be only one owner at a time.

We will now discuss the steps that are required to change the owner of the Nest camera. So, if you will follow these steps, you can then change the owner of the Nest Camera.

  • Step 1: The first and the foremost step is to log in to your Nest account. If you manage more than one household, then you can select the house for which you need to change the owner of the Nest Camera. When you select the house, you can then remove the previous account from that house.
  • Step 2: Tap the device for which you want to change the owner of the camera.
  • Step 3: In the top right corner, you will see a Settings menu that you need to enter. When you enter the settings, you will then see an option to Remove Nest Camera.
  • Step 4: After following all these steps you will then be asked to confirm your choice. As soon as you confirm your choice, the owner of the Nest camera will be removed from the selected device.

Note: One important note that you need to remember is that you should not unplug your Nest camera till the light ring is pulsing blue. This will prevent you from removing the owner and you will have to reset the device to use it again.

Things to Remember Before Removing Nest Camera

We will now look at few important things that we need to keep in mind before removing the Nest Camera. When we remove the Nest camera from our device, it automatically deletes all the history that is related to that account. So, if you have anything important in those videos then you should keep that video before removing the Nest Camera from the device.

More so, if you have at least one Nest Camera that is associated with that device and is still active, then you can watch your videos online where it gets saved. So, either you will be needed to save the videos first before removing the camera from the device or you will be needed to keep at least one camera is in the active state.

Though you cannot keep more than one owner of the Nest Camera, you can surely give the control of the Nest Camera to more than one person. Yes, you have heard it right. We can share the control of the Nest Camera with other members of the house but anything related to the Nest camera account can be done only by the owner.

If you need to cancel the subscription to the Nest Account, then you can do so by navigating the nest account. This can be done either before or after removing your account from the Nest camera-associated device.

So, if you have removed your account first then you do not need to panic about how will you cancel the subscription because you can do that even after removing the account. 

User Account for Google Nest Devices

One most important thing to keep in mind is that while you remove the account from the Nest camera device with a recent Google update, many of the shared users have almost similar permissions to that of the owner.

So, before removing your account you need to cancel those permissions that you do not want to share with the other users.

Users who have full access to the device can do almost everything that the owner of the camera can do. He can add or remove the devices, use and change the device settings, control the camera according to their usage, and add any other member without your permission.

However, he cannot manage the billing part because that is something associated only with the device owner.

How to Add New Members to your Nest Camera?

When you have removed the previous owner of the Nest camera and now if you are looking to add new members in the Nest camera then that can be done by the settings menu as well. 

This is the same menu from where you have removed the previous members and now from the same menu, you can add new members as well. So, now we will discuss how we can add new members.

  • Step 1: Select Family and Guest Option from the Settings menu. When it gets open, then select add a new person. Enter the name of the person and then continue.
  • Step 2: Add the email address of the person that you want to add. You can also add this person from your contacts if you have them added to your contacts.
  • Step 3: After following these steps, you can then click on the Send button. They will then receive an invitation from the Nest app to download the app. After that, they will follow the setup instructions, and then they will get added to the account. 

Wrap It Up

So, this is how you can add or remove persons from your smart security Nest Camera. Follow these simple and steady steps and you will be able to do it without any hassle.

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