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How to Refresh Your Home for Renting

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If you’re moving out of your home or just bought it but need to get it ready for renting, there are some things you need to keep in mind when planning to make passive income off of your property. Whether you live in a city with a demanding rental market or not, the following tips will help any landlord looking to get their home ready for renting. Take a look:

Speak to a local realtor

If you want to do everything perfectly so that you can get a good bang for your buck while renting out your home, speak to a local realtor about what people are looking for.

You can find out even more details about what renters are looking for and get ready to rent. Knowing things like the best background check for landlords and the top home features individuals are searching for can help. Just like in the fashion industry, there are trends in the world of home design as well.

Consider redoing the bathrooms

When it comes to refreshing your home, there is definitely one area that could use close attention. Your bathroom could be the first room that you consider updating when it comes to getting your house ready to rent. If your home is older, chances are that the tiles and fixtures are a bit outdated, so consider the benefits of remodeling your restrooms when you’re getting ready to rent your property.

Update kitchen cabinetry

Another room in your home that should also be refreshed before you rent out your property is your kitchen. If you don’t have the budget to do a whole house remodel, updating the kitchen cabinetry can be a great first step in making it look more modern.

Varnished wood or beige-colored cabinets are a bit outdated in this day and age, so consider working with a professional home design expert who can help you choose the best modern looks for your home’s kitchen. If there’s one thing that’s true, it’s that almost every renter will be taking a good, long look at the kitchen as a deciding factor in whether or not they want to rent out your home.

Retile the floors

Another aspect of your home that could use attention is the tiles. Outdated tiles can be a detriment to landlords looking to rent out their homes in competitive rental markets. If you want to get a great value for your property, consider retiling the floors with a more modern aesthetic.

Hardwood floors are a winner if you really want to renovate your home. But they are much more of an investment. Regardless, renters will appreciate the new flooring.

Make the walls look like new

If you’ve already done some updating to your home or you bought it rather recently, you may not need to do any in-depth remodeling, especially when it comes to the bathrooms or floors. However, the walls may need some TLC if it has been lived in a bit.

Consider painting the walls with fresh paint and updating the color, or leverage the appeal of trendy wallpaper in your home. Work with an interior designer to choose the best option that will appeal to potential renters in your area.

In Conclusion

Getting your home ready to rent can take time and money, but when it comes to getting the price that you want, it’s worth it. From minor tweaks to bathroom fixtures and cabinet accessories to larger projects such as retiling or installing flooring, there are various things you can do to make your home look like new.



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