Whether it’s lighting, storage, color use or material use, we’re going to show you what trends will really come to the fore in kitchen interior design in 2023. With the help of interior designers, we have compiled the next kitchen trend guide for 2023 for a state-of-the-art look.

Get acquainted with the most modern technologies and interior trends that you can incorporate into the appearance of your kitchen in 2023.

KITCHEN TRENDS 2023 – interior design trend guide

In our article below, we will show you the biggest trends of 2023 with the help of our experts and new kitchen ideas that can inspire your next kitchen makeover.

1. Kitchen as a social space

Taking advantage of theergonomic advantages of the curved tendons of the locality, we can achieve a much smootherappearance. A kitchen island with rounded edges, especially in open kitchens with several passage points, facilitatesthe socialization of residents and guests and promotes a smooth transition between rooms. The curved-edged kitchen island also includes a seating set, which allows you to eat comfortably and stay around the kitchen island, making the kitchen a social space.

2. The kitchen as a provider of several functions at once

If you want to create a kitchen with a family-friendly center, it is a great option to place rooms with different functionality in one space. Design a work area for the patio door or install living room elements in the space. A quiet but connected spacecan be created for homework or day-to-day home administration if the desk fits seamlesslyinto the kitchen design using elements with the same surface but with a defining function screw.

3. Unusual shape of kitchen shelves

The kitchen can be both functional and fun if we dispense a little with the use of familiar forms and add a little twist to the interior design. To blunt industrial art, you can also use home décor elements that brighten up the space much more, but do not lose their functionality. Wall shelves give us the opportunity to do just that, if we do not design traditional flat shelves, but we also design a bend between the flat elements.

4. The conquest of minimalism

Many interior designers already swear by the need to find a balance between modern minimalism and luxury, which is why, according to them, in 2023 they will draw the attention of trend followers much more to cleanliness and a sense of cleanliness. Minimalist design and monochromatic aesthetics are eternal classics when it comes to interior design, and in 2023 they can give kitchens the most modern look.

5. Rethinking wooden elements

Wooden kitchen furniture is an everlasting classic popular choice forthose who like a timeless or classic look, so it is not surprising that in the near future more and more homeowners are looking for nut and oak kitchen furniture ideas.

The latest trend in the field of wooden tables is the so-called “Fluted table”, which means that the side of the table is made up of smaller slats in a circle.

6. Striving for the top

In 2023, those with higher-than-average headroom will benefit, as next year’s trends suggest that kitchen furniture should be designed to reach the ceiling, even if you would need a library ladder to use them. The ladder solution is useful in any kitchen anyway, since we usually struggle with the fact that we can no longer reach the upper shelves anyway. So why not build higher if we have to “climb a wall” to reach the festive tableware?

7. The game of patterns

Traditional kitchens can be tossed up with alittle directionalwedge. Let’s focuson areas such as cabinet interiors and back walls. The use of samples in this mode, it appears without overloading the space or reducing the timelessness of the equipment.

8. Cladding pattern

Those who are looking for an alternative to herringbone or chevron kitchen floor cladding will be delighted with the new 2023 trend called “mansion or castle weaving flooring”. A sample from 17th-century French mansions is revived for a new audience. While the latest incarnation features the same polygons and trapezoids as the original, chunkier plank formats and pale timber make it modern.

9. Focus on layered lighting

Creating the right lighting in the kitchen is always a big challenge, but the art of layering will be key to the successful design of kitchens in 2023. The reality is that we only need a certain amount of working lighting in certain areas of preparation, and mood lights serve as the base lighting for the space. Luxury chandeliers simultaneously serve as a suitable light above the worktop and at the same time add to the elegance of the kitchen. In addition to chandeliers, use various wall sconces or spots, for basic lighting of the room.

10. Hidden storage and bold color contrasts

If minimalism and the design of the social space are also important to us at the same time, then in 2023 we should follow the trend according to which we need to furnish it with furniture that hides the function of storage so that entertainment can come to the fore.

In small kitchens, we can maximize the feeling of spaciousness by combining cooking, eating and relaxing in one magnificent room full of light.

Choose furniture with all doors hidden, with fingerprint sensors that allow you to open and close smoothly.
Feel free to use strong color contrasts like pink and green to get a bolder look!



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