Packing isn’t easy, and moving isn’t any more straightforward – but when preparing for a long-distance move, you are bound to both activities. They go hand and hand, and unfortunately, you can’t begin the journey to your new home until everything is packed correctly and prepped for the move date. If you are like most Denverites or any human being, you will want to get as much done as quickly as possible and ensure it is all convenient throughout the process. This is innate for people; we want things done efficiently and quickly, so why would cross-country moving be any exception?

Interstate moving and storage options in Denver, CO, are incredibly useful to lean on when traveling across state lines or the entire country. However, not everyone will utilize their movers for all of the packings. When you are proactive and get ahead of the game, chances are Рyou will, which will benefit your stress levels on the big day.

Heaviest to Lightest

Beyond showing up to the party early, packing is an art form, and how things are pieced together is a delicate process. If you want to pack like an expert, then there are more than a few rules to follow, but one of the rudimentary ones is loading the heaviest of your belongings towards the bottom of the box and packing lighter items on top – the other way around becomes problematic.

If you decide to pack something heavy on top of a bunch of light, more fragile items, you can expect that all of the things below will end up damaged or broken in transit. This is a rookie mistake to make, but not everyone will think of it immediately – let’s face it, there are a million and one things on your mind aside from how your boxes are being packed, and for a good reason.

Don’t Load Empty Boxes

Avoiding halfway-full boxes is always a good rule of thumb to follow when packing up for a move, but on the other side, avoiding boxes packed to the brim is just as critical. When dealing with boxes filled to the brim and left with no room to breathe, you are looking for an easier way for the box to break and for damage to occur. Boxes are used to avoid damage; they are a means of safe transport to your delivery location, so use them to your best advantage. You don’t need to arrive at your new house with a bunch of damaged items that you have to sort through to unpack, either!

Packing correctly can feel like a game of Tetris, but this helps to save on space which inevitably saves you time, additional effort, and money. When you leave a box half-empty, stacking them can become unmanageable; things will constantly shift inside them, leaving a mess during unpacking, and you are taking up more room on the moving truck – with fewer belongings inside.

Consider Vacuum Sealing

If there ever was a secret to cross-country moving and packing, it is vacuum sealing! This is similar to when you are traveling – you want as much space in your suitcase as possible so you have a little room for things you may pick up while you are away but also are able to bring what you need.

Often, random things are bulky and awkward throughout the household – these items are not easily packed into boxes or wrapped up quickly. Vacuum sealing is an excellent option for clothing, bedding, pillows, towels, stuffed animals, etc. It can compact and keep things in the same shape throughout moving.

Keep Your Clothes on Their Hangers

Don’t spend additional time on things that do not require your immediate attention – clothing can often be one of the essential items to a homeowner, but there is no use in making it more complex. Use the correct type of box and size of box for everything you are packing. This means you will use a dish pack box for your kitchen dishes and utensils, a book box for books, and a wardrobe box to hang your clothes – just like they have been hanging in your closet. Don’t take them off the hangers and spend time folding and rearranging them – you can hang them right on the rack inside your wardrobe box!

Repurpose Things You Have in Your Own Home

Packing materials can be costly; they are not super friendly to your wallet or the environment. Using things in your house for wrapping, packing, and reusing old boxes or totes is an excellent way to get your packing done correctly. Not interested in vacuum sealing everything? Take those sheets off your bed and use them for wrapping fragile items. You can use towels as extra padding and stuffing within your boxes and even use your clothes the same way!

Stressing over-packing is the last thing homeowners want to deal with, especially when the great unknown is staring at them in the face. You are preparing to set off on a new chapter; you will discover a new environment with new people, places, and things – you have many more significant things to worry about. Eden’s Moving Services are licensed local moving professionals in Denver, CO, and their movers offer premium packing services.

Eden’s provides peace of mind when you are making the journey cross-country or over state lines, and it is their priority to protect customer belongings and get them to where they are going safely. Packing tips can always support your process, but there is nothing like bringing in experts to get things done efficiently, making your life and moving experience smooth!

Zoe Mitchell

Zoe Mitchell

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