The weekends can prove to be extremely boring especially when you are not the best planner. In all honesty, we all feel a bit lazy and clueless on our days off as we spend 5 days in a routine going out, working for 9 hours which ideally forces our body to stay home for the next two days. To be fair it is actually okay to rest up but at times the boredom will kick in and you will be tempted to do something else, perhaps growing productive for the day might enable you to feel better. The question arises what to do? Well there are a couple of things that you can do but what better to do on the weekend but paint especially when you are looking to add a clean touch to your house, wanting to brighten those untidy walls that haven’t been brushed in long. In this piece we will advise you on the best possible paint ideas that you can try on your boring weekends not only to use your time productively but to apply a shiny glance to your house.

Start up with those dirty walls:

Most obviously, first we will start with the walls because they instill the beauty of a room so it is extremely important for you to have clean, bright and tidy walls. To paint a wall first and foremost you have to buy the essentials such as a paint, a ladder, paint roller and a tray as well. Other than that you will also require some dishwashing liquid, cellulose sponges and smaller angled brushes. The first step is to clean the walls because you do not want to directly apply paint. Take some dishwashing soap and apply it on the cellulose sponge. Start wiping with the aim to free your walls with minor spots of grease and dust too. The second step is to get some tape, for this it is preferred not to use duct or masking tape as they will damage your walls so the best option would be to opt for painter’s tape. Using tape you will cover and protect the areas where you do not want paint. After carrying out these basic procedures you will begin painting. A great tip is to use Chalk Paint as it will apply a more smoother texture to the walls and form a creamy look.

Move to your furniture:

After painting walls you can move towards painting your furniture. This can get a little tricky because walls are easier to paint comparatively however with furniture we have to follow a couple of mandatory steps to make sure that it is done correctly. First of all if the furniture paints loose then you will have to scrap first to make sure that the pieces are cleaned and don’t disturb you while painting. The next step is the hard part where you have to sand the furniture. The idea is to make sure that the paint applies to the furniture neatly. If you don’t sand your furniture then there might be impurities left which might distort the entire process. Sanding would also enable the direct to make direct contact with the wood which is why it is compulsory to do. The next step is to apply some primer for even coverage and also so that the paint sticks. Finally, you can now begin painting so get the best possible nylon brush out and start applying paint evenly. Make sure to give it time to dry after every time you coat.

Paint a picture frame:

If you believe that you are technical with the brush and want to add some more touches of beauty to your room or living area then why not try painting your own picture frame to save money and make it look more realistic? To do that first and foremost you will need a picture frame for obvious reasons. Along with the frame you will have to buy craft paint as well seeing that it is best suited for painting frames. Start painting and try to create a contrast between light and dark so apply a gleam like look

Try some art on a canvas:

Not being a fan of frames is okay because canvases serve the same purpose. You can either opt for a cotton or linen canvas however the latter is a bit expensive in comparison so if you are a first timer then it would be better to paint on a cotton canvas. Apply some gesso, tone the canvas and start forming art!



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