It’s always someone’s dream to own their very own summer house, and maybe that person is you! Finding the best summer house can be difficult, which is why doing your research on what you want the most and the overall qualities is important.

Continue reading this article if you’re interested in the best summer houses, like from Leisure Buildings, so you can learn more about what they are, how long they generally last, and how much it would cost to insulate them properly and professionally.

What Is A Summer House?

A summer house is often a small building that you can find in the garden of someone’s home where people can go to relax in the summer or at certain times of the year and rest. In some cases, you can make it another living area, like an annex or an entire mini home, but for the most part, people use them as a place to socialize with others and entertain guests.

The main idea that people use summer houses for is to escape and enjoy alone time, away from all the noise, ultimately taking a break from anything and everything that might be bothering you, such as a loud obnoxious house, or stress from work.

The reason for its name, summer house, is that it’s a free-standing structure in someone’s garden of the home where shelter is provided from both the rain and the sun (but for the most part the sun and hot days).

The difference between a shed and a summer house is: a summer house is more meant for entertainment and to be an attractive element to the home’s garden, while sheds on the other hand are storage-based mini buildings where you can keep all sorts of things relating to garden work and more.

What Is The Average Life Expectancy Of A Summer House?

The life expectancy of a summer house can differentiate for a variety of different variables, and it will always be different because of factors like who makes the building, what materials and wood its made out of, the environment that it’s in, and how well made the structure is, alongside its supports and overall build.

In some cases, especially if you look after your summer house and do maintenance for it regularly to keep it pristine, summer houses, like from Leisure Building’s, can last 10 years and sometimes more.

If you’re staying on top of season changes and know anything that will affect the summer house in any way, then you’re more likely to get its lifespan up higher than you’d ever believe.

Talking about the worst-case scenario here, the worst it can live up to is 5 years, more or less, but that’s only if you don’t take care of it properly.

Some things you can do to improve life expectancy are watching for weather changes and any possible water damage, and possibly adjusting the doors over the years because of swelling and corrosion.

How Much Will It Cost To Insulate My Summer House?

Regarding insulation costs for summer houses, no price will ever be the same because of the different variables included. Things like the size of the summer house, the type of insulation you want and where you’re going to be putting it (walls and ceiling or floor included), and how much the business or company charges to provide you with their service.

To give an exact price range wouldn’t be fair due to how different buildings are going to be, and businesses that charge for insulation services go and look at the buildings they’re going to be working on before giving an estimated price.

A rough estimate for what the insulation cost might be is between £1,400 and £10,000 more or less, depending on how the business charges and how big the building is. A lot of the time it is less than this because summer houses are designed to be smaller than your average house.

If you want to get a better idea of what the exact price is, be sure to talk to one of the experts at the company you’re looking into, or ask for a viewing so they can take some measurements and give you an accurate price for their services.

Final Thoughts

The difference between a shed and a summer house is that summer houses are more meant for entertainment and to be an attractive element to the home’s garden, while sheds on the other hand are more focused on storage.

If you’re looking to entertain of simply just wanting a quiet place to be away from the rest of the world, then getting a summer house, like from Leisure Buildings, is one of the best ways to go about it, and highly recommended.

Clara Bernard

Clara Bernard

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