Not much is more luxurious than an elegant stone bath that brings a natural and unique charm to a bathroom and offers a stunning focal point sure to impress anyone that uses your bathroom. A stone bath could also provide the foundation to build your new bathroom around, whether you would like to achieve a modern appeal or a natural appeal with matching stone basins.

You may be under the impression that stone baths might not be that comfortable, but since they are smooth they are really amazing for the skin, allowing for a way to slide easily into a deep hot bath.

Choosing a bath for your new bathroom may seem like a daunting task since there is such a wide selection on offer, but for the sake of your sanity, today we will only be discussing stone baths, and since you have landed on this page you are probably already interested in getting one for yourself.

So you may be wondering if it is worth it to invest in a stone bath, or whether it is a waste of your money. Keep reading to find the answer to each of these questions!


There are many benefits to owning your own stone bath according to and here are some of the reasons that might convince you to purchase one!

– Retains Heat

I was always under the impression that stone baths would be cold, but this is before I discovered that stone retains heat. So once you have run your hot water you can enjoy the warmth for a lot longer when compared to other materials that baths are made from.

– Long Lasting

One of the main attractions of stone products is that they last for many years. Stone is an extremely durable and strong material, meaning it won’t be prone to cracks such as acrylic baths. The color of a stone bath might change slightly over time, yet this can also be slowed down when you follow a care routine.

– Selection Of Designs

So this benefit is not specific to only stone baths since most bath types come in many designs. It is important to know that the range of stone baths doesn’t only come in one standard shape.

The oval shape is one of the most popular designs. These baths are usually deep allowing you to slide into deep hot water. You could also choose from square shapes that give a cutting-edge modern appeal. There are also unique designs such as the boat bath or the slipper to choose from.

If you are after a natural look, then you may be interested in a stone bath that looks like natural stone. This design looks like a hole cut into an outdoor rock, which provides a rock pool effect and a gorgeous and unique bath that will impress for many years into the future.

– Easy To Repair

Unfortunately, you will eventually go through the experience of discovering scratches across the stone’s surface, but there is no need to stress since repairing the stone is a relatively easy task. Here is my guide on what you should do if you discover any damages and regular maintenance and cleaning tips, in my “How To Clean And Maintain A Stone Bath”.

When it comes to cleaning, a stone bath requires slightly more maintenance than the average bath, but these steps will not take up much of your time. Just keep in mind that the durability and long-lasting characteristics of a stone bath are not going to happen magically, you have to clean your bath regularly to ensure the stone remains in good condition.


Nothing in life is perfect and that also applies to stone baths, which is why one of these baths might not be right for your bathroom. Keep reading to find out more about the disadvantages to see what may deter you from buying a stone bath.

– Costly

Stone baths are regarded as luxury items with a price tag that matches. Stone baths are expensive, but they are also of the highest quality. If you are on a tight budget, then a stone bath should not be featured on your list, yet it may still be worth your while to save up since the advantages most certainly outweigh the drawbacks.

– Very Heavy

And this comes from experience. I have carried many of these baths when working for a company that specialized in baths, and it necessitates a lot more than 2 people to move one of these baths. So if you do decide to buy one keep in mind that carrying one of these baths is going to involve a lot of hard work, especially when you plan to install the bath upstairs.

It is usually best to rather keep your stone bath in a bathroom on the ground floor. If you would like to install a stone bath in your upstairs bathroom you will need to make certain that your flooring will be able to withstand the weight. A stone bath is already heavy when it is empty, so you can just imagine how the weight increases once it contains water. You would not want your new investment to crash through a ceiling which is why you will need reinforcing in your floors if you plan to install your bath upstairs.

A stone bath is a wonderful addition to any bathroom and could change an outdated bathroom into something modern and appealing. If you are about to revamp your bathroom, you should seriously consider the addition of a stone bath.



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