Summer is rapidly approaching, which can mean only one thing: it’s about to get really hot… like ridiculously hot, so to help keep you cool this Summer we’ve got some top tips on how you can beat the hat and stay cool this Summer.

Keep Your Home Shaded From Heat In Daytime

While it may be tempting to throw your windows open when it’s really hot, that will actually just increase the temperature in your home, if it is hot outside, opening your windows will only let in more hot air into your home.

What you should do, is keep your windows closed and shut all the blinds or curtains in your home, especially on South facing windows. For patio door windows, you should look to shade them with clip in bifold door blinds to stop them letting heat in. Doing this will keep your home cooler and stop more heat coming from in.

Wear Season Appropriate Clothes

Summer has a habit of sneaking up on us, so you may find yourself feeling hotter than usual, just because you’re still wearing clothes not suitable for Summertime. If you’re wearing jeans and a button up shirt, no wonder you’re so warm!

So, when you feel the weather getting warmer, it’s time to break out seasonally appropriate clothing. You should be wearing lightweight clothes like shorts, t-shirts, linen and cotton clothes, doing this should help keep you cool during the heat.

Let in Cool Air In During Mornings And Nights

We mentioned earlier how opening your windows during the day will only let in hot air from outside, this only applies in the daytime when the Sun is out in full force, during cooler periods of the day you should let some cool air enter your home through your windows.

So, during the mornings before it gets warm and in the evening after the Sun has set, you can open your windows to let that cool air circulate through your home, doing this will keep your home cool and by avoiding the hot periods of the day, you won’t end up with a stuffy house.

Add A Cool Breeze With Fans

On a warm day, a cool breeze can be a delightful sensation, as a cool wind brushes over you can helps cool you down. But if your windows are closed in the day to keep the heat out, where are you getting that breeze from.

Well, you can use fans in your home to circulate air around your home and give you a breeze. The cool breeze of a fan will help you cool down and as it helps to circulate air through your home, you will avoid your home feeling stuffy.

Avoid Extra Heat By Cooking Outside

If your home is already warm, the last thing you want to do is add more heat to the equation. By cooking meals indoors, you will be adding extra heat to your home and you’ll ultimately foil your plans of cooling yourself down.

Rather than cooking indoors with your oven, like you usually would, you can avoid adding extra heat to your home by cooking your meals outside on a BBQ or grill. Doing this will give you the fun experience of BBQs while avoiding adding more heat into your home.

Stay Cool By Drinking Cold Drinks

On a warm Summer’s day, there aren’t many feelings better than sipping an ice cold drink, the fresh relief of a cool drink is refreshing and one of the best aspect of the Summer months.

You can keep cool, by drinking cool drinks throughout the day. This will keep you hydrated, which by itself will help keep you cooler, but the cold drinks will also cool your body temperature down, so when it’s really hot out, keep some icy water on hand.

Drop Your Heat With A Cool Shower

If none of these tips so far have helped you, we have one final tip that is a sure-fire way to beat the heat and cool yourself down. And that sure-fire way is simply hopping in a cold shower.

By having a cold shower, you will add cool air into your home and cool yourself down directly thanks to the cold water. By having a cool shower, your body temperature will drop down to a more comfortable level. As a bonus, you can keep cool for longer, by air-drying yourself, rather than drying out with a towel, having the water on your body will keep you cool as it dries and evaporates off your body.

We hope that these 7 top tips can help you keep yourself and your home nice and cool this Summer, if you ever find yourself getting uncomfortably warm in the Summer months, simply remember these tips and use them yourself to comfortably cool off.



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