Moving to a country house is an extremely important and pleasant event. It’s important that it isn’t spoiled by the process of moving from the old apartment. These simple tips will facilitate the process of moving and help you start enjoying the benefits of country life as soon as possible.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

Preparations for the move should begin a few weeks before the expected date to do everything calmly, without rushing and not nervous. Take apart your drawers and closets. Chances are you’ll find clothes that haven’t been worn for a long time. It’s a good time to sell them online, give them to charity, or recycle them.

This rule is also true for various household items, dishes, and some furniture.

Getting rid of unnecessary items, you can begin to create a list of what you will need to buy for a new home.

Estimate the Volume of Transport

It’s important to decide in advance what furniture and appliances you plan to take with you. Is it worth carrying the most bulky items or is it better to buy new ones?

Measure the furniture, refrigerator and other items to be transported. This will help you visualize the volume of the move, as well as show whether the largest items will fit through doorways in your new home.

Stock up on Packing

It used to be that everyone had a solid supply of newspapers and magazines on hand to pack items, but few people now subscribe to periodicals. That said, paper remains excellent protection for fragile furnishings. Also boxes, bubble wrap and cling film, duct tape, and rope are needed.

All of these can be purchased online or at a hardware store as easily as winning at Bet22. Don’t be afraid to buy in stock. It’s better than finding out the day you move in that there are not enough containers.

Don’t forget trash bags, box markers, scissors, and clothing cases.

Pack Your Belongings

Don’t procrastinate with the packing process. This way packing will go as smoothly as possible. If you are moving during the warm season, start by packing winter things, and vice versa.

Leave what you will need in the near future: a stock of clothes, cosmetics, dishes, books, and gradually remove the rest. It’s important to pack most of your belongings in advance, leaving the last couple of days to do the minimum of work.

Don’t forget to sign each box. Many people use colored stickers to organize things. For example, dishes are marked with blue stickers, shoes with yellow stickers, books with green stickers, etc.

Be sure to mark boxes with fragile items that the movers will need to place on top and secure well.

Find the Movers

To make your move as comfortable and safe for your belongings as possible, it’s worth hiring professional movers. You may have recent movers you know who can make recommendations. Also read reviews on the Internet.

Calculate in advance how much the move will cost you. The total amount depends, among other things, on the distance and the need to lift the goods in the elevator / stairs.

Prepare Your New Home

It’s also important to prepare your future home for the move ahead of time so you don’t scratch the floors or stain the walls. Protect the door jambs and cover the floors with foil or newspapers.

At the same time, it’s useful to check that everything in the new house works: outlets, switches, water, heating. Moving is energy-consuming in itself, it’s good if you don’t have to be distracted by additional household issues.

Warn your neighbors and co-workers

Tell your neighbors that you are moving and leave some of them new contacts in case they look for you at your old address. At work, you can take a couple of days off or arrange for a shorter work day. Even if you use movers, you can ask friends for help.

Clean up Your Old Apartment

The day before you leave, clean the apartment or hire a cleaning service. See if any cosmetic repairs are needed to the baseboards or wallpaper. Disassemble the refrigerator in advance.

The final cleaning will have to be done on the day of the move, checking to see if there are any items behind cabinets, sofas, or under the bed.

The Essentials Must Be Put Separately

Moving day is upon us. Everything is packed in boxes except for the essentials: documents, wallet, phone and laptop, chargers. All of this should be put in a separate bag.

Another bag will be needed for things you will use in the morning before the move and the day after: hygiene products, toothbrushes, towels, cosmetics.

Finally, you can prepare food and drinks for snacks so you don’t have to worry about that later.

Of course, moving isn’t the easiest and most relaxing process. But if you use the suggested tips, think in advance about the systematization of transported things and get rid of everything unnecessary, then moving to a new home will leave only pleasant memories.

Zoe Mitchell

Zoe Mitchell

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