Stylish, sleek and efficient – roman shades are getting top position in the window treatments’ shopping list of many new house owners and for good reason. A one-piece no-frill option fits well with the minimalistic details of modern houses. Besides, when stitched in ornate patterns and styles or doubled with ornamental drapes, custom roman shades fine-finish the grandeur of a traditional home. This immense versatility is the crowd-puller feature of roman shades.

A common question asked by prospective buyers is regarding the pros and cons of inside versus outside mounting position of their roman shades. In this article, we will enumerate the top benefits of roman shades mounted inside the recess of window frames. If you’re looking for these specific pros, this mounting position could be the right choice for you.

First and foremost, let us make it amply clear that the decision to mount the shade within the window recess or outside on the wall depends largely on the architectural factors. A flat upper frame with a minimum of 2-4 inches of depth is required for the window recess to be able to even host a roman shade. Product specifications may vary from company to company. If you’re keen on shopping for roman shades for your home, but have shallow windows, then mount the shade above the window and it has benefits of its own. But if the architecture supports and you mount the shade inside the window, you get to profit from the following benefits:

Top Benefits of Inside Mount Roman Shades:

Customized look

An inside mount roman shade fits into the window frame with exact precision. Even if you purchase readymade shades that fit exactly into the window, it gives the impression of a made-to-order look. It immediately gives your home a high-end look. Where readymade shades don’t fit with precision, custom roman shades can be purchased easily from online stores. If you’re fond of designer wear and bespoke goods, this feature of inside-mounting should be sufficient to consider this option.

Sleek and stylish

When the roman shades are mounted within the window, they stand well within it, having no protruding sections projecting out of the window. This is the sleekest fabric window treatment available thus far, besides other variations like fabric roller blinds. Therefore, in busy hallways, narrow passages and small rooms, inside-mounting the shade can help to make the most of the space and to avoid dashing into it.

Show off window trims

Traditional architecture makes such artful statement pieces out of windows! If crown moldings and carved floral designs are not a thing to show off, then what is? Celebrate the beauty of your trims every day by choosing to use inside mount roman shades. The neat, architectural finish of the well-fitting shade will serve to highlight and uphold the artistic detailing of your window trim.

Pairing with curtains

Stylists always advise layered window treatments to add dimension and visual depth to the space. A pair of curtains framing the window with a roman shade mounted inside makes for the exquisite best. Here, the inside mount roman shades fulfill the functional aspect of providing privacy and light control while curtains are ornamental decor elements that visually soften the hardy finishes of the window trims. This dual combo provides the opportunity to pair two solid colors or a pattern and a solid, widely expanding the stylist’s scope for creativity. But this excellent opportunity of layering with curtains is available only if you mount the shade inside.

No exposure of hardy elements

While some customers don’t mind the hardware of the shade, most do. Then, they buy a valance to cover the top of the shade in order to hide it. Some company products come complete with the valance. A shade mounted outside the window with a valance above it is a charming look in itself, no doubt. But if that does not meet your taste, probably the inside mounting may serve your need. The hardware is set to the ceiling of the window and is covered by the same fabric as the shade, thus making it literally invisible to the eye.

More insulation

Unlike drapes and outside mounted roman shades, inside mounts are in close proximity with the window. They absorb the heat at its earliest point of contact with the house. This ensures maximum protection for your home from sweltering temperatures. During cold winters, it seals off the freezing wafts of air trickling through the gaps quite efficiently. The higher insulation makes it apt for places of extreme weather. If you install drapes as well, the window will be sealed totally.

Wrapping up

Inside mount roman shades are svelte and efficient window treatments that render a high-end look to your home by its customized look. Ornate window trims cherry-top the elegance. If these are the special features you are looking for while opting for roman shades, inside mounting is the right choice for you. So, go ahead and order for inside mount roman shades with confidence.



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