Attics, with their generous size, often end up as forgotten storage spaces, filled with little more than holiday decorations and suitcases. But what if we told you there’s a way to turn that attic into an additional living space? And it gets even better – fitted wardrobes for attic rooms can also help in this transformation.

The Benefits Of Transforming An Attic By Adding A Fitted Wardrobe

For some people, it’s already clear that if they have an organized living space instead of an abandoned attic, then that’s a win. However, some people may still consider using the attic as a space to store stuff that they might have use for in the future, but can’t store it in the living area of the house.

Other people may be convinced that they don’t need fitted wardrobes to transform the attic: it may seem an expensive solution when they can simply buy a set of drawers or other furniture pieces in the store. Thus, we have prepared a few important benefits of transforming an attic by using a perfectly fitted wardrobe. These are as follows:

  • Attics come with their quirks, mainly sloping ceilings that can be a challenge when it comes to fitting furniture. That’s where fitted wardrobes shine. These custom-made wardrobes maximize every nook and cranny, ensuring you make the most of every millimeter of space. No more wasted corners or awkward angles; fitted wardrobes guarantee optimal storage potential.
  • Fitted wardrobes aren’t just about practicality; they also bring a touch of contemporary elegance to your attic bedroom. With a sleek, built-in design tailored to your space, they seamlessly blend into the room’s aesthetics. Your attic will not only be functional but also a sight to behold.

Now, when it comes to choosing the right wardrobe for your attic transformation, you have two main solutions:

  • Wardrobes with angled sides.
  • Sloping back wardrobes.

The first option is perfect if your attic layout calls for it, such as when it has sloped walls. They work well when the bed is positioned differently from the sloping ceiling, offering a versatile storage solution. The second solution is ideal for rooms where the bed placement aligns with the slope of the ceiling. This wardrobe design makes the most of the space and ensures easy access to your clothes.

Types Of Wardrobes To Choose For An Attic Space

As mentioned, you can use wardrobes with angled sides or opt for sloping back solutions. Let’s see what each of these furniture items offers to you and which one to choose for the transformation of your attic.

Fitted Wardrobes With Angled Sides

These wardrobes are unique in their ability to make the most of the room’s height. With full-height wardrobes, you’re in for a treat with ample storage space. You’ll have a better chance of incorporating double-hanging rails and higher shelving to keep your clothes and belongings neatly organized.

But what really makes these wardrobes stand out are their angled doors. They not only look stylish but also maximize the available space. As you move closer to the shorter end of the room, you have the flexibility to choose between shelving or drawers, all neatly concealed behind those sleek doors.

One of the significant advantages is the versatility they offer. Whether you’re dealing with alcoves, chimney breasts, or quirky room shapes, fitted wardrobes with angled sides can adapt to different spaces in your home seamlessly.

Fitted Wardrobes With Sloping Backs

This solution is ideal if you prefer an attic that has everything uniform and in one style. They maintain a tidy and symmetrical front, with everything neatly aligned at the same height. Fitted wardrobes with sloping backs are your trusty allies in this scenario.

They are your go-to option when vertical space is a premium commodity. With cleverly designed shelving and, yes, even hanging rails, you can maximize every inch of that angled attic ceiling. Due to the incline, these wardrobes might not accommodate a double-hanging rail system. However, you still have plenty of customization options at your disposal.

Single hanging rails, versatile shelving, and convenient drawers can all be integrated into your fitted wardrobe, ensuring you make the most of your attic space. So, these sloping-back wardrobes are a perfect fit if you’re after a clean, organized, and space-savvy solution.

Moreover, many homeowners take advantage of the attic’s eaves by incorporating a chest of drawers or a dressing table, ensuring no space goes to waste.

Final Thoughts

It’s no brainer to figure out that attic space can be used as additional living space, whether it’s a bedroom, a home cinema, another living room, or a gaming room – you get the drill. But such a transformation can be tricky, given the peculiarities of the room, like inclining walls, lower ceilings, etc. Thus, a fitted wardrobe should be on your radar since it allows you to use the space maximum.

Henry Williams

Henry Williams

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