Atlanta is phenomenal and appears to be one of the popular states in the United States of America seeing that it is an incredibly colorful place that provides its visitors with an extravagant time. There is a reason why it is the 7th most visited city in the country on an annual basis, hosting more than 32 million visitors almost every year. The question however does arrive as to what is there in Atlanta that prompts so many people to visit it yearly? Well after all it is a glamorous city with an impressive amount of variety when it comes to food, malls, entertainment and so much more. It is enriched with history and has its own culture along with appreciation for art. In this piece we will tell you how you can make the best out of your time in Atlanta by visiting the following tourist attractions.

Take a look at Centennial Olympic Park:

Regarded as one of the best and most popular sites in Atlanta to visit, the centennial olympic park is deeply attached with history seeing that it is remembered for hosting the 1996 Olympics better known as the The Atlanta Olympics. The park is open to tourists, visitors and all kinds of enthusiasts. Many people would often visit the centennial Olympic park on a weekly basis simply because you have a lot to do here so you will never go home bored. The ring sculpture is a popular photo spot so you can start there by posing in front of the enormous monument. To go back into flashback and re-witness history you can take a walk to the audio walking tour and relive in nostalgia as you will learn about the crucial moments that occurred in the Olympics with blasting music raising your hopes high and forming a sense of excitement. Lastly you can explore many fun games around the entire park that will keep you entertained. Try attending the park at the time when festivals are being held as that time frame is regarded as best for maximum enjoyment

Explore the world of Coca Cola:

We all are pretty much soda lovers probably because it is so common today but have you wondered how the sodas you consume everyday are produced? Well in that case go tour the world of coca cola which will provide an extremely exciting experience. The name itself would intrigue anyone and the world of coca cola would disappoint no one. The experience will be fantastic because they will put you through history by showing you previous popular advertisements of coca cola that will make you enter a feeling of utmost nostalgia. The entire tour will help you feel optimistic as you will see how coca cola has proceeded and grew all over the years with its consistent changing, different bottles, shapes and so much more. Not only that but you get to see the entire bottling process. After experiencing the basics you can then move on to the gift shops which have numerous offerings of its own. Last but not the least, the main attraction is the 4D theater which will offer you moments like no other! The world of coca cola never witnesses no pauses so you can visit it any day of the week

Experience the Zoo of Atlanta:

Perhaps one of the most exotic and remarkable places present in the state to visit is the Zoo of Atlanta. If you are a wildlife enthusiast who would like to explore different multiple and rare species then checking out the zoo of Atlanta is an absolute must. The zoo is deemed as not describable because of its beautiful structure, planning, divisions and the animals that are present. Home to more than 1100 animals belonging to nearly 210 species, the zoo is exquisite. One of the places to visit in the zoo is the African Savanna which hosts old elephants, providing children the opportunity to learn about them. Even though they do not rely on the visiting humans for food, you can still feed the animals but it might cost you from 1 to 3 dollars. Do not forget to check out the lowland gorillas as well as the exotic reptile lizards

Visit Georgia Aquarium:

The Georgia Aquarium is located in downtown Atlanta which is a fantastic area to live in as well with multiple neighborhoods therefore if you are searching for a house then you will have to contact Atlanta real estate agencies. Located in downtown makes the Georgia Aquarium already popular but through the years it has transformed itself into an immensely entertaining spot to visit with numerous activities such as dolphin and lion shows so do not forget to check out the Georgia Aquarium!



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