What are concrete bollards, and what are they used for? If you have these questions, then you are reading the right article. In this piece, we’ll reveal what you need to know about concrete bollards.

What are Concrete Bollards?

These are vertical posts that are used for security purposes and traffic control. As the name implies, they are made from concrete which gives them their sturdiness. You can visit https://www.sciencedirect.com/ to find out why concrete is so strong. Therefore, they can resist heavy collision impacts.

These features are made in different sizes, and shapes. They might be designed with decorative patterns, painted, or even plain. They are usually found in commercial areas, public spaces, pedestrian areas, and car parks.

Concrete bollards act as physical barricades to regulate traffic flow. They also protect individuals on pedestrian walkways and properties around them from cars that are out of control. As a result, these posts are common features in suburban and urban areas.

The inventor of this structure is unknown, but they’ve been used for a long time. In centuries past, bollards served as ships’ mooring posts. Although other materials can be used to make bollards, concrete is used more commonly because of its sturdiness.

Benefits of Installing Concrete Bollards

As we said, these posts are used for traffic control. Therefore, when placed strategically, you can control traffic in the direction you desire. This is a primary use of these erections in urban areas with large populations on the roads and streets.

In addition, with these vertical posts, you can prevent vehicles from ramming into people and property.

You can read this article to find out how often vehicles crash into buildings in the U.S. This security feature also prevents individuals from accessing certain areas. As such, locations such as airports, government buildings, and other sensitive areas have these blockades in place.

Another underrated benefit of these structures is their ability to improve the area’s aesthetics. Simply adding a decorative, painted and even plain bollard can enhance the visual appeal of the area.

Given their durability and long lifespan, you won’t have to think of replacing them any time soon. They can survive heavy impact, degradation, and extreme weather conditions. By extension, this means that the maintenance required for these structures is minimal.

Another great thing about these structures is that they don’t harm the environment. Natural materials are used to make them, and they are also recyclable. Therefore, if you were wondering if they are safe for the environment, the answer is yes.

Types of Concrete Bollards

Although all concrete bollards serve as barriers against heavy impacts on areas with humans and properties, we can still group them into types. This grouping is based on their function, design, and style. Let’s explore further.


These are mainly designed and used to shield people and property from vehicle impacts. Furthermore, they are also used in sensitive areas such as military bases and government buildings.

If you check Furniture Leisure concrete bollards, you’ll see examples of these bollards. These structures are made to be very thick and sturdy, to ensure that can effectively stop a running vehicle at high speed.


You’ll commonly see these on the roads and streets as their main purpose is to regulate traffic flow. Therefore, you’ll find them in pedestrian zones, car parks, and other areas with regular vehicle traffic.

They are also used to stop vehicle access to restricted areas. Their installation format includes collapsible or removable, and they can be placed in rows or singles.


In some cases, there may be a need to move the bollards. It might be due to an emergency or special event. In such cases, this type provides this option. Therefore, you can remove them and replace them when you are through.


For areas with non-extent or poor lighting, this option can be installed there. When installed, they guide drivers and pedestrians while they move in their vehicles or on foot. These structures can be made in colors and styles that will match the area.


In addition to serving security purposes and traffic control, this type is designed to make the area more beautiful.

As a result, they are usually designed in different styles and shapes. These structures can be painted and decorated with intricate patterns to make them more eye-pleasing. You can find them in beautiful areas such as gardens, parks, etc.


Concrete bollards have been in existence for centuries. Although their usage in the past differs from what they are used for nowadays, these structures provide a wide range of functions for us. Little wonder they are almost everywhere on our streets, roads, parks, etc.

In this article, we’ve revealed what these items are to ensure you don’t mistake them for something else. Furthermore, we discussed the benefits of installing these posts. Finally, we talked about the different types, what they are used for, and where you can find them.

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