The internet of things is neat, and it is not just about your phone. Smart home gadgets are popping up all over the place: from smart lights to refrigerators that can let you know when you are running out of milk!

The Smart Home is a growing trend. You have seen the commercials, and maybe you even have a few of these gadgets in your home. The problem is that they are expensive and often cannot be hooked up to one another, which means you might end up with an incompatible system.

If you want to get in on this trend and bring convenience into your life, here are 10 smart home gadgets that will add value to your home without costing too much or taking up too much space!

1. Smart Lights

One of the most popular smart home gadgets is a set of LED lights. So, for example, you can turn your porch light on before you get to it or have them flash when someone rings the doorbell! It will seem like magic.

And if you are thinking about investing in security cameras, make sure they include night vision so that you know when potential thieves are around. To control the lights, you can use a remote control or an app on your phone. It can also be controlled using the Smart Voice Assistant devices like the Amazon Echo or Google Home.

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2. Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are a boon to people who have trouble with temperature control. You can adjust the temperature from your phone or even voice through smart devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home.

And if you want, it will be able to automatically switch between heating and cooling depending on what type of weather you are experiencing!

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3. Smart Plugs

Smart plugs allow you to turn one appliance off when another is not in use, so if your TV’s not on, but your computer is running, this will switch power from the latter to the former. You could also have them set up a schedule for lights and appliances; all you need are smart plug sockets!

And since they are wireless, installation should be a breeze. Unless there are not any available outlets nearby, they might require an electrician in Encino or just some creative DIY work with extension cords and more plugs!

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4. Security Cameras

Security cameras are one of the most popular smart home gadgets. With them, you can keep an eye on your property and pets from a smartphone or any other device with internet access! You will be able to see what they are up to while at work or even if you want some peace of mind before bedtime.

You can also install security cameras outside so that you know who it is when someone comes by late at night – or early in the morning. And do not worry about being monitored without knowing; many have built-in privacy modes where only those within Wi-Fi range will view the footage. Finally, if this sounds like something worth investing in, make sure that they include night vision so that you know when potential thieves are around.

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5. Amazon Echo or Google Home

If you are not sure what smart home gadgets to invest in, it might be time for a Smart Voice Assistant device. These are digital assistants that use voice recognition and natural language processing so they can understand your commands! Of course, you will also need an Amazon Echo or Google Home, which is the speaker of these devices – but they do more than play music.

You can use these Smart Voice Assistants with many smart home devices to help control your lights, thermostats, and plugs. You will have to say the word! Alexa will also provide information like traffic conditions or weather forecasts and answer general questions if you are feeling lazy. Of course, Google Home can do much of this too.

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6. Smart Hub

A smart hub is a central device that connects all your devices to the internet and each other.  This can make it easier to control them as one voice command will affect all the devices.  Plus, you will not have to worry about many apps or programs to get your devices working together! Instead, you will need a Smart Hub and then purchase compatible smart home gadgets separately.

This is also helpful if there is no Wi-Fi in the room, you are trying to make smart. If you are not sure what to get, we recommend the Samsung SmartThings Hub, which has compatibility with different devices. It might be worth looking into other hubs before deciding on this one, though!

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7. Smart Smoke Detectors

If you are looking for a way to make your home safer, smart smoke detectors are the next step.  Smoke is detected via ionization or photoelectric technology and alerts homeowners with an alarm sound, as well as providing vital information about where it is coming from! You can also install these sensors in areas like basements, kitchens, garages – or anywhere where they can provide extra security.

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8. Smart Water Heater

Smart water heaters use sensors to regulate the temperature of your home’s H20.  You will be able to control this setting with a smart app and set it back if you are going out for an extended period or forward when the company is coming over! It will also tell you how much energy it has saved, so that might make up for the extra cost.

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9. Smart Door Lock

This smart home gadget will work with your smartphone and door handle to make sure that you can unlock the door without having to carry around a key. Instead, connect it, enter your PIN, and then use this device as your key by inserting it inside the lock.

If someone wants into your house, they will need to know this PIN or have your fingerprints on file to do so! And for added security, some smart locks also allow you to set up geofencing features so that you know when someone is at the door before opening it.

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10. Automated Blinds and Curtains

If you live in a sunny area, these might not be the best option for you. But if it is too dark to sleep at night or during the day when there is no one home, automated curtains and blinds are perfect!

You can set up timers so that they will close automatically depending on what time of day it is. If you are not home, the curtains will also be able to detect when someone is at the window and automatically raise!

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This blog post has discussed the importance of adding value to your home with smart gadgets.  From voice assistants, hubs, smoke detectors, water heaters, and more – we have given you a list of items that will help automate certain tasks as well as keep you safe!

You know, by not having to get up and turn off the lights or switch between heating and cooling depending on what type of weather you are experiencing! I personally find that these things are worth investing in because they will save me time when I want to get up and do something else.

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