One of the important things considered to install in every kind of house is a ring doorbell. Whether you are shifting into a new house or are already settled, you always need a ring doorbell that is placed well in all terms. For this, you should know where to install ring doorbell clearly.

If you too want your ring doorbell to be in the right position, do not worry. Here, we will be discussing everything about and around on the topic- where to position your ring doorbell?

The question of where to install ring doorbells has numerous answers. These answers depend on the type of ring doorbell you have. Talking commonly, it should be made sure that a ring doorbell is mounted around 48 inches above the ground of the porch.

Other than this common parameter, there are some specific factors that are considered when thinking about where to install ring doorbells in your house.

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Factors to Consider

When thinking about where to install ring doorbells, there are three main things most people consider- height, power source and mounting angle.

These factors go together when ring doorbells are to be placed perfectly. Leaving any of these three factors unconsidered will place your ring doorbell in the wrong place.

Here, all three factors have been discussed in detail. This will make you understand how you can place your ring doorbell in the perfect place.

Height of Your Ring Doorbell

Height of Your Ring Doorbell

As mentioned earlier, the height people commonly consider for installing a ring doorbell is 48 inches above the ground. A ring doorbell can also be placed above the mentioned height, but it should not be below it. This height works the best no matter where your ring doorbell is mounted.

The height plays an important role while deciding where to install ring doorbell because of many important reasons. One of the main reasons is the motion sensor in the doorbell.

The motion sensors in the doorbell would detect movements even from far away if it is not placed at the right height. This will eventually lead to false alarms. So, the ring doorbell should not be installed at the wrong height.

The correct placement of the ring doorbell will give good coverage of five feet away, that is it will detect motion from five feet away. The horizontal range would be up to around 160 degrees.

Moreover, your doorbell camera will give you a more extensive vertical range than otherwise. This range will be much more than the range of the motion sensors. So, it will eventually be able to show you the face of anyone approaching your door and not just a hint.

Power Source of Ring Doorbell

Power sources differ in different kinds of ring doorbells. If you are thinking about where to install ring doorbell, you need to consider the power source. According to the power source needed, the placement of the ring doorbell would differ.

If you get the ring doorbell pro, then in most cases, it should be hard-wired to the existing wires of the doorbell given in the house. However, this doorbell won’t give you too many options for positioning properly.

So, if you wish to place your ring doorbell at the perfect spot, it is better to buy Doorbell 2 or a battery-operated ring doorbell. Both these doorbells allow you to install them anywhere from the door frame’s outer walls.

Not only does the placement differ with different doorbells but also it affects the working. Choose the type of ring doorbell wisely because it will decide both the position and the work.

Mounting Angle of Ring Doorbell

The right mounting angle for a ring doorbell is important for numerous reasons. The mounting angle will decide the clarity of the view you get and the working of the motion sensors. For getting the ring doorbell into the perfect angle, there are many kits that can help you.

Installation kits are available in the market that helps in setting the right angle and altering the angles for the right view. The common kits for doorbell installation allow around 15 to 55 degrees of adjustment in the horizontal view.

There also comes a wedge kit that allows both horizontal and vertical angle adjustment. The vertical angle can be adjusted up to 15 degrees both up and down.

While some doorbells provide these kinds of kits, there are some doorbells that will need you to buy a separate kit from the market. Having one of these kits will always prove you to be useful.

This is because even if you do not place a ring doorbell at the right height, you will still be able to get the right view with the help of this kit. Plus, you will also be able to avoid unwanted sensing from the motion sensors.

Are There Any Limitations?

Though doorbell installation is not that hard to accomplish and is even beneficial for a house, it still has some limitations. These limitations are to the installation. Doorbells usually do not come with a screen rotation feature and cannot be mounted horizontally in some cases.

If you have chosen a video doorbell and have not installed it properly, then the motion sensors of the doorbell won’t work in an optimum way. Also, the videos show visuals sideways.

As a result, motion sensors would false alarm you and you also might not be able to see who has approached your door. It is better to experiment with a few angles and positions when you are deciding on a video ring doorbell.

So, the matter of where to install a ring doorbell is extremely important for anyone who wants to make full use of it. After all, a ring doorbell won’t let you worry about your house when you are away.

Do You Really Need Them?

Ring doorbells are needed by every house. After all, you cannot and should not compromise when it comes to the safety and security of your house and family.

If you already have a ring doorbell but are reconsidering the matter of where to install it for the perfect view, the above-discussed points will help you.

If you don’t have a ring doorbell at all, it is time you should think about buying and installing one.

It would be a little difficult to decide the right place for your doorbell, but it is surely not an impossible task.

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