While upgrading your home to a smart home, it is very important to use waterproof and weatherproof equipment on the outside.

When it comes to door locks, it is very important that you choose the best one and can easily withstand any different temperature conditions. There are various locks available, but Nest Y is considered best as it is primarily designed to withstand any weather condition.

However, the Nest Y lock isn’t properly waterproof, but it is water-resistant which means that rain or any other storms won’t do any harm to the lock.

In this guide, we will discuss Nest Y lock and all about its standards and ratings. We will also discuss its performance in different temperature ranges.

The Nest Y Locks Standards and Ratings

The Nest Y Lock must meet certain standards and criteria to receive any ratings. All the ratings provided by associations such as BHMA are based on the durability and other conditions of the product.

According to BHMA, the Nest Y Lock is graded as 2, which means they are very promising concerning all the factors.

There is also an IP65 rating on the latest version of Nest Y Locks which means that it can withstand and survive dust, snow, etc. very easily.

When compared to other smart door locks, Nest Y shows more potential in terms of durability and strength.

Waterproof/Water Repellent/Water-Resistant

There is a difference between Waterproof, Water Repellent, and Water-Resistant materials which is very important to recognize before purchasing any gadgets. As we discussed above, the Nest Y Lock is not a waterproof lock but rather a water-resistant lock which means that it cannot be damaged by heavy rain.

It is also not recommended to completely submerge the lock into the water as it doesn’t repel any water. This is simply water-resistant, which means that in normal weather conditions the lock will be completely fine.

It is also generated by the company itself that no matter how hard the water coming down on the lock, it will remain functional.

Operating Temperature Range

Rather than water, the durability is also dependent upon different weather conditions whether the lock is functional or not in different temperatures.

According to nest.com, the Nest Y Lock can withstand the temperature from -22 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of the places have the same range of temperature. Normally, no location can withstand this temperature range.

But, when it comes to considering the temperature range of batteries that are present inside the Nest Y Lock, the narrative changes. There is a very slight difference, but you should be aware of that.

The Battery can work between -10 degrees to 55 degrees Celsius.

Be sure to keep track of the outside temperature so that your battery doesn’t explode out. The Nest Y Lock batteries are supposed to last for a year.

What To Do If the Nest Y Lock Has Been Damaged by Weather

One of the best things about the Nest Y Locks is that they are battery operated and don’t require any internet connections and Wi-Fi network to work. When there is any storm or very heavy rainfall which causes the Wi-Fi network to go out, you will still be able to control your home doors. At that time, it can be used as a classic lock.

It can also notify the users when the battery is about to get low or there are any other malfunctions in the system. Then, you must fix the problem as soon as possible. When its batteries come to their final stage you must replace them with a new one.

If you don’t take care of these things at the proper time and your lock dies in between, then also you can unlock the door by another method. You just must take a 9V alkaline battery to the bottom of the finger road, it will open the gate temporarily so that you can replace the batteries. 

Customer Reviews

When it comes to customer reviews, most of them rated it positive and stated that it has a very beautiful and sleek design and is very simple to use. Also, it is operated by Google Assistant, making it more reliable and trustworthy.

But there are some cons too, they stated that the Nest Y Lock has a large rear lock housing, and its installation process is very bad because of the poor-quality internals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Nest Y Lock be used on gates?

The answer is no, these locks are not suitable for gates. As they mainly rely upon bolts which are found on front doors. Most of the gates do not have that much engagement to involve a bolt onto it, so it becomes very hard to fix a Nest Y Lock there.

How Long Does the Nest Y Lock’s Battery Last?

The battery of a Nest Y Lock can be made such that it can last up to a year or more. But different circumstances and temperature changes will cause the batteries to last longer or shorter than their desired time. If you are a heavy user, then most probably the batteries won’t last a year.

Final Words

As we have seen above, the Nest Y Lock is a water-resistant gadget not waterproof. But, if you still want to make this toll waterproof, you can do this by fixing a waterproof box all around the Nest Y Lock.

The Nest Y Lock is considered the best in terms of durability and performance and its customer reviews are also quite good. So, if you are thinking of a good smart lock for your smart home, then the Nest Y Lock is a must-pick.

This is all about this guide, we hope you find it useful. Also, if you want to ask anything about this guide, you can do this by commenting down in the comment section below.

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