A lot has already been written about studying for exams and the pressure to get the best results. Stories about how students suffer from this – it is already a routine axiom. But so little is written about how they survive the cold and sometimes depressing winter. Let’s change that.

Christmas and New Year holidays are lovely, but mostly winter is a long string of cold, dark days, and sometimes it can get very sad. There is practically no sun, and even when there is, it is still not warm. Loneliness can haunt the evenings.

It might be difficult, especially because you also have to keep up with your studies because vacations are not endless. To invest a bit less effort in studying, you should consider services like Essaypro and get professional writers to help you with writing your papers. This will also give you some more free time to spend on something pleasant.

To get rid of winter sadness, you also need to occupy yourself: read, draw, watch movies and series, and the company to enjoy it even more. And most importantly – walk, leave home even when it’s cold. Go ice skating. Do not stay alone with your thoughts, have some fun.

Pleasant thoughts about New Year’s holidays can also help to survive the severe cold. After all, preparing for Christmas and the New Year is exactly what makes winter a magical time. And hot chocolate will help to get rid of the “frozen” status!

It would be great to go somewhere warm for vacation. But there are also plenty of remote corners in the USA to visit and explore a winter fairytale. Planning such a holiday with your loved ones could also be a separate kind of pleasure.

So when we get the studying and mood swings settled, let’s figure out what you can do to survive the cold in your student home. The weather cannot decide whether you should be happy or not.

Warm Clothes

Dress warmer not just outside but also at home. Check if you have warm fleece clothes. It is comfortable, lightweight, and, in general, inexpensive. Buy those as early as you can, before prices go up like crazy.

When at home, put on an extra jumper if you feel cold. Don’t forget about warm socks. Get yourself a few extra pairs. Gloves and a scarf might also be a good idea for home.

A blanket is also your best friend during the wintertime. Get a decent duvet if you can. If not – load up with thin blankets – as many as possible. Surround yourself with wool, silk, or polyester. These fabrics trap warm air next to your skin and draw away moisture.

Insulate And Seal Up Your Home

Keep the cold air out and warmth in – insulate your home before winter! Check for cracks and seal them up. Make sure your windows and doors are insulated. You might be surprised by how much heat you are losing from your windows. If you are planning some home renovations, maybe it’s time to get a new, more efficient energy-saving window.

Don’t forget to check your pipes and insulate them also. Frozen pipes can be a disaster that nobody wants. The right precautions or the help of a specialist can prevent it.

Spend Time In Places With Free Heating

Spend as much time out of your home as you can to save on heating. What places could these be?

  • university buildings
  • local diners
  • libraries
  • coffee shops with free WI-FI.

Use their free warmth to save on heating at home.

Get The Most From Your Heating System

Your heating system should be serviced by a professional – this is rule number one. Rule number two: changing your air filter at least once a month is like brushing your teeth twice a day. Make sure you do both.

If you have a ceiling fan – reverse it. To do so, flip the switch (usually on the base of the fan) to reverse the direction of the fan. If the fan is turned clockwise and runs on low, it helps to circulate the warmer air that rises to the upper areas of your room. Recycling this air will make your home warmer and more comfortable.

Replace your old thermostat with a programmable one or a thermostat with a computerized setback. Then you can be sure that your apartment is warm when you are inside, not when you are out. But remember, you should not try to fix everything in your home by yourself. It is often better to trust this task to a specialist with relevant experience.

Use A Timer On Your Heating

Two things you need to do to feel comfortable:

  • put your heating on a timer for half an hour before you get up
  • put your heating on a timer for half an hour before you get home from the university.

This will let you get dressed in a warm environment and enter a warm room from the cold. Have you ever forgotten to turn the heater off and leave it working all day or night? Most likely, the answer is yes. The timer will prevent you from wasting your money.


If you want to keep yourself warm, make sure you are physically active when staying indoors. Push-ups or squats raise your body’s heart rate. Blood starts circulating better, and you finally feel warm. If you are not a big fan of squats and push-ups, try other activities. For example, yoga or pilates. Or sign yourself to some dancing classes.

Heat Your Bed

Use hot water bottles to warm your bed to a comfortable temperature. Such bottles and a few blankets can also help you to make your studying spot cozier.


Keep your apartment well-ventilated. You need to do that to prevent condensation and mold growth. Always wipe the moisture away. Do not let condensation form on surfaces.

Warmth From Inside

Here are some tips to keep yourself warm from inside:

  • have regular hot drinks (it is time for cocoa!)
  • eat at least one hot meal a day if possible (a soup or a broth are ideal for lunch)
  • don’t skip meals (eating regularly helps keep energy levels up during the cold season).

Source: https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/close-up-hand-holding-book-coffee-cup_23442836.htm

Take Care Of The Outside Of Your House

Imagine you are a rescue worker who needs to save the house from a possible ‘avalanche.’ Start with gathering the supplies/tools for doing it yourself. Talk to your neighbor about the help you might potentially need from them. Or get some numbers of professionals in advance – this will make things much easier.

Final Thoughts

Winter might be a complicated time for many people. Especially students. But it is good to be a realist with an optimistic perception of reality and see the silver lining. Winter is just a stage. Yes, cold and sometimes dark. But it is also filled with the holiday atmosphere: the crunch of snow, the overflows of light garlands, Christmas decorations, and evenings with a cup of hot cocoa and a favorite movie.

You just need to understand how comfortable you can be and do your best to strive for this comfort. Then, winter will not be a problem. Every time of the year has something to offer, and life is beautiful – remember it.


Leon Schneider

Leon Schneider

Sohel Khan is an amazing outdoor enthusiast who has been sharing his camping adventures and outdoor wisdom. He holds a BA in Environmental Science and has worked with various conservation NGOs. His expertise ranges from sustainable camping practices to wildlife conservation. His passion for the natural world extends beyond his professional life, as he is also an active participant in community environmental initiatives. In his free time, he enjoys photography and volunteering at local nature reserves.

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