Area rugs are a great way to elevate and alter the look of your home with ease. Area rugs serve various functional benefits as well as aesthetic ones. They’re ideal if you like to switch up your decor regularly, as they allow you to do so according to the season or anytime you feel the need to spruce things up a bit.

Area rugs are one of the most adaptable items of home décor available. Rugs are master multi-taskers because not only can they drastically change the mood of a room, but they can also hide any imperfections.

The area rugs from Home City Inc. are made to resist stains, withstand everyday wear and tear, and have anti-slip properties built in. However, deep cleaning a rug may be a time-consuming task. As a result, we’ve created a whole new category of washable rugs. There are various washable rugs for sale online at Home City Inc. from which you can choose.

11 Reasons to Own an Area Rug

1. Elevates Room Decor

A common home trend nowadays is dark hardwood or laminate floors. Dark floors can be classy and elegant, but the downside is that they can drain out a lot of light and create a moody atmosphere, especially in a room with fewer windows.

Hence, this is where an area rug can be incredibly useful. You can opt for a custom rug with light colors to bring a perfect blend of richness and airiness to the room.

2. Added Protection

If you have a family with little ones at your home, then you most likely already know the importance of having added padding on your floors, because children tend to fall often as they grow and explore. A rug can provide the ideal landing cushion, safeguarding fragile heads, knees, and hands at this crucial stage of their lives.

3. Anti-Slip properties

The chances of slipping on a wet tile or wood floor are very high. Such injuries can be easily avoided by placing area rugs in your home. Rugs absorb moisture and prevent the ground from becoming slippery. Rugs are incredible for cushioning our steps, preventing slips and falls, and decreasing damage when we do fall. It provides peace of mind for the entire family, but especially for our little ones and the elderly.

4. Prevents Scratches and Scuffs

Furniture can easily leave marks on hardwood floors when it slides or moves around. Rugs are a great buffer to place between your floor and furniture to prevent any scratches or scuffs. A rug also does a great job at tying all the furniture together to make your house look more cohesive.

5. Create a Bold Statement

Rugs are available in various sizes, shapes, and colors, which will help you perfectly complement and enhance your room décor. A striking impression can be made with a quirky or brightly colored rug. A neutral or classic patterned rug, on the other hand, may be the ideal neutral grounding piece to complete a space. For added contrast, consider placing a dark rug on a light floor and vice versa.

6. Adding Warmness

Having a marble or tile floor can be uncomfortable as it can be cold on your feet during the winter season. Stepping on cold floors can feel like stepping on ice! The perfect remedy to this is placing a cozy, warm rug to keep you comfortable underfoot.

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7. Sound Buffer

Many people are not familiar with this property of area rugs. The science behind their ability to sound buffer is that rugs help to dampen the vibrations of sound waves, which decreases sound pollution. If you need to make a room quieter, an area rug is a great tool at your disposal.

8. Hiding Imperfections

Rugs do a great job at concealing any imperfection in your floors. Wooden and tile floors tend to get scratched, stained, or otherwise damaged easily. No matter the imperfection, whether it’s a cracked tile or a stained wood floor, there’s nothing that area rugs can’t hide.

9. Comfort level

It’s a fact that rugs are softer than solid floorings and most people would agree that standing on a rug is more pleasant than standing on a hard surface floor. Rugs are not only smooth to the touch on your skin, but they also have more elasticity, allowing it to absorb part of the impact of each footstep.

10. Easy to clean

Properly cleaning a solid floor involves a broom, dustpan, garbage bin, and finally, a mop. This process can be a tedious job. This is not the case with rugs, which simply require a vacuum and an occasional deep clean. Because of their fibers, vacuuming rugs is a breeze. Dust may be easily removed by vacuuming once a week.

11. Air Filters

Rugs serve as one of your home’s largest air filters. By trapping pollen and dust particles in the air, they enhance indoor air quality. Rugs are a better alternative for individuals with asthma and allergies than carpets since they can be removed from the house and thoroughly cleaned outside.

Now that you’ve learned more about the benefits of area rugs, you’re ready to start the journey to finding the perfect one for your home. Choosing a high-quality rug that looks stunning has never been easier with Home City Inc. Shop our wide collection of ares rugs here.



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