Blockchain real estate companies are growing at a rate that makes many experts think it will become the standard. The Blockchain provides a lot of advantages for every party involved in a real estate transaction because of the trust and security associated with it. Smart contracts are becoming more prevalent as people see how they eliminate costly mistakes and some versions of real estate fraud.

All of this is just for conventional real estate. The Blockchain provides even more possibilities when it comes to purchasing real estate in the metaverse.

New Blockchain real estate companies are popping up all the time. Each provides has its own set of unique capabilities driving its services. Here are some of the most important Blockchain real estate companies in the market today.

1. ManageGo –

This is a New York City-based company that provides a variety of real estate services. It’s mostly known for being effective in helping property managers and owners with payment processing. It’s also a valuable resource for real estate professionals that need to perform background checks.

2. Reasi

This is a Santa Monica, CA-based firm that bills itself as the first Blockchain company in the industry to provide transactional service from start to finish. It eliminates the need to use multiple companies during the process to complete a deal. This should save most people money when they use crypto assets to purchase or sell property.

3. Streetwire

If speed and transparency are the main concern for an individual, Streetwire is a great option. The company uses an encrypted ledger for data that makes the transaction lightning fast. This is a huge benefit in the fast-paced and competitive real estate market of New York City, where the company is based.

4. Meridio

This NYC company is dedicated to servicing those working in the commercial real estate industry. Property owners that are looking to liquidate their commercial holdings can list on the platform to be connected with interested investing firms. It is gaining popularity with corporate investors.

5. CryptoProperties

Those that are new to the crypto real estate market would be wise to investigate this New York City company. Its services are dedicated to identifying new opportunities for investors with the biggest predicted margins on returns. This is also a useful tool for mitigating risk.

6. Harbor

Is dedicated to tokenizing a variety of different investments, like real estate assets, investment funds, and trusts. It is well-known for its efforts in compliance. The company will go a long way towards developing liquidity and transparency in the San Francisco real estate market.

7. RealBlocks

Those that are new to the crypto real estate industry are going to want to be linked with a quality advisor. This is where RealBlocks comes in. It’s a valuable tool to help property owners link with a much wider net of potential investors around the world.

If you are new to the crypto real estate market, these are seven great companies that are forging a new path in the industry. The earlier you get in on this trend, the better it will be for you in the long run.



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