Kitchens are the heart of every home and there are no two thoughts about that.

Since it is one of the more important areas of your home that is frequented by almost all family members, giving it the TLC it needs can help you keep the space stylish and well-maintained.

That said, when it comes to creating a design or revamping your kitchen design with kitchen experts, there are many elements that many of us overlook. People usually focus on cabinets and decor, appliances and lighting instead of the other areas that they could leverage.

While these do have a significant impact on the overall design of the space, perhaps there are other areas you can explore. One such element that can impact the way your kitchen looks is your kitchen island.

A kitchen island is an important feature that can decide the overall aesthetic or style of the space. Since they are essentially statement features, the simple addition of a kitchen island can enhance your kitchen design to the next level.

That said, if you’re looking for kitchen island ideas and tips to create a statement kitchen, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a list of our favourite kitchen island design ideas that can make your kitchen an even more stylish place.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Simple Marble With Aesthetic Hardware Fixtures

Islands are essentially a theatrical element of your kitchen that allows the cook to have better efficiency and accessibility during the cooking process. This means that your island needs to be practical and packed with features that make this easy. However, there’s no reason for it to look any less aesthetic.

A simple marble counter with aesthetic show-stopping fixtures and hardware can promote a stylish kitchen island design. From sleek stainless steel hardware to rustic copper fixtures, finding something cohesive with the other elements of your kitchen can create a harmonious design.

By keeping the material for the kitchen island simple, the attention is diverted to the fixtures and hardware. Thus, without having to spend too much, you can get a statement feature for your kitchen. You can then place your glass of wine or bottle of beer on a personalised beermat and enjoy the ambience of the space; sounds dreamy doesn’t it?

2. A Multi-Functional Quartz Island

A well-designed island can be a multi-functional and important element for every kitchen design. From adding character to your design to helping you save on storage space, an island can be a very useful addition to your kitchen design.

Whether you decide to add additional drawers or multiple shelves, you can decide what to incorporate according to your requirements. Moreover, you can also consider adding a washbasin and perhaps even a dishwasher to your island for better functionality in your kitchen.

Finally, you can tie all of this together with the stylish quartz encompassing the island for a stylish look for your kitchen design.

3. Rustic Wooden Island

For something more rustic and vintage for your kitchen island, why not consider an old-school wooden island? You can take a sturdy and robust wooden bench and customise that with the additional features you require to create a nice rustic yet robust kitchen island.

Additionally, with wood, you can get the island painted easily with a colour of your choice that goes well with the rest of the kitchen design. Perhaps consider painting it with a contrasting colour to create a modern yet rustic style that stands out thereby creating a statement kitchen.

You can also consider adding decor elements to this that include flowers, tableware, customised beermats, etc. to keep it aesthetic and appealing.

4. Sleek Dark-Toned Island

Particularly great with modern and minimalist kitchen designs, another great choice for your kitchen island design ideas for your statement kitchen is a dark-toned island.

With such an island, minimalist design is key as the smooth surfaces and dark colour create an intense yet bold look that serves as a key in deciding the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

Moreover, with such an island, keeping the material simple and maintenance-free is a smart idea that will prove to be helpful in the long run.

To Sum Up…

With so many incredible and bespoke kitchen island ideas, creating a statement kitchen is an easy job as all you need to look for is inspiration. By considering any of these stylish design ideas for your kitchen, you can easily revamp the look of the space to create a design that is aesthetically pleasing.

After this, spending time in your kitchen is something that you’ll definitely enjoy even more!