Pedestal fans are a portable form of electric fans. They are also known as standing fans. Pedestal fans are very popular among homeowners as they are more than just a cooling device. These fans can also be used for ventilation. Another advantage of owning a pedestal fan is that they can be used with an air conditioner to boost its cooling.

If you don’t have a pedestal fan in your home and would like to explore the benefits of owning a pedestal fan, before you make a buying decision, this post talks about some of the most important ones. Let’s read on.

They Are Easily Portable

One of the biggest advantages of portable fans is that they can be easily moved from one room to another. You can even move them to your home lawn, the patio, or the terrace garden. All you need is an extension cord or switchboard to supply power to the pedestal fan. Note – Make sure the pedestal fan you buy is light enough to be easily moved around in the house.

They are Aesthetically Designed

As people are getting more particular about their home decor, pedestal fan brands too have started focusing on the design aspect of their fans. As a result, you would find a wide range of aesthetically pleasing fans that are designed to complement any home decor. If you are looking for a pedestal fan that manufactures beautiful pedestal fans, we would recommend you to check out the pedestal fans’ range from Luminous India.

They Come with a Unique Oscillation Feature

One of the major benefits of owning a pedestal fan is that it comes with a swing feature. It’s a unique feature, something that a ceiling fan doesn’t have. One can use this feature to uniformly distribute air to all parts of a room. If you want you can switch off the oscillation feature and let the fan work in normal mode.

They Are Easily Affordable

Pedestal fans are economical, and therefore, one can easily afford them. Pedestal fans from Luminous India are priced around INR 2400 to INR 3500. And that’s not all, pedestal fans are also very energy-efficient. They consume far less energy as compared to ceiling fans. So if you have to spend even a little extra on a pedestal fan that’s more energy-efficient as compared to a standard pedestal fan then we suggest, you definitely should.

They Boost the AC’s Cooling

Pedestal fans help circulate the AC’s air to all parts of a room. The AC’s fan has a limited air throw. It is not powerful enough to throw air to all parts of the room. Using a pedestal fan alongside an air conditioner can help boost its cooling power. As a result, the air gets cooled faster and the best part is that the AC’s thermostat also cuts down faster thereby helping one save on their energy bills.

Last Few Words

If you don’t own a pedestal fan yet, we recommend you definitely buy one. We suggest you take a look at the wide range of pedestal fans that reputable brands like Luminous India have to offer. Do not stress too much about the price of the fan. Rather focus on the quality of the fan, its air delivery, and energy efficiency.

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Christopher Gray

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