From natural unlacquered brass to appealingly classic wooden furniture, we got it all covered for you!

What comes to your mind when you think about classic home décor design elements that have been consistently used but still feel fresh? We are talking about specific design themes that seem to return repeatedly; they never go out of style. So the next time you consider redecorating your house, here are some perennial items to invest in and may be worthwhile investments for your home.

  • Organic materials & sustainable furniture pieces: When you’re looking to refresh your living room or bedroom textiles, keep an eye out for natural, sustainable materials, like linen, wool etc. These materials are long-lasting and ideal for things like rugs, throws, pillow covers, and bedding. It’s not surprising that timeless interior design often uses natural, sustainable materials in furniture like stone, wood, and jute. Natural elements are prime to creating a cosy and completed space.
  • Artwork galore: Large scale framed pieces of art hung at eye level can do wonders to upgrade the aesthetics of your space. Sticking to time-honoured styles of art can also keep your room from looking prematurely outdated. The key to making artwork become a classic is to make sure you choose pieces that reflect your personality or your family’s personality. To help connect the artwork with the interior, use complementary colours. Even consider how the medium of the artwork impacts your space.
  • Layered Rugs: Layered rugs help define a space and add colour and pattern to brighten everything up. They serve as an anchor to the room, help determine seating areas, and provide a soft and comfy cushion for your feet. Additionally, they help to visually warm the space and make everything feel nice and cosy.

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  • Natural Unlacquered Brass: Brass is a material that never went out of style, incredibly natural and unlacquered. If brass finish for hardware or decorative pieces is your go-to choice, be assured that it will always stay in vogue. It was popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s, surged again in the late 1990s and rose again.
  • Evergreen Marble: Versatile and has been widely used for tile to tables and countertops to decor, marble is one of those elements that has been popular for decades and will remain a timeless classic. Marble can be included in any ambience, either luxurious, either rustic.

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  • Tasteful Lighting: Switching up your light fixtures is the best way to upgrade your home interior décor. It is recommended to pick lighting that helps illuminate the room evenly. Choose traditional styles yet fit within your design aesthetic. When choosing to light, always look for well-made pieces that aren’t flimsy. For instance, you don’t want the swinging arm lamp to break after a year or two. The most effortless way to do this is by swapping out your conventional light fittings for pendant lights.
  • Timeless Blue & White Porcelain: Blue and white porcelain accents have long been considered timeless, elegant additions to any interior decor. This timeless element is brought to us by the revival of a brilliant, understated classic; the ginger jar. The crisp, white and sky blue serve your space as a colourful neutral and can complement any colour scheme imaginable.
  • Classic Accent Chairs & Wingback Chairs: A classic statement chair is a piece of furniture that is collectable and sometimes doubles as a work of art. The exciting thing about chairs is that they’re pieces of furniture indispensable in every room of the house and are easily portable according to needs. In recent times, accent and wing chairs are preferred for more decor needs due to the plethora of designs available, diverging from the standard forms and ranging in shape and size.
  • Versatile Wood Furniture: Due to the pandemic, home decor trends concerning furniture have shifted away from sleek and modern for a return to comfort and cosiness. People opt for durable furniture pieces that last a lifetime and aren’t replaced half a dozen times. Due to the unquestionable versatility of such furniture that fits perfectly into guest rooms, romantic bedrooms, children’s rooms, or kitchen-dining rooms.

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  • Stylish Canopy Beds & Upholstered Headboards: With four posters on each end, canopy beds give an instant luxe and flattering feel to a bedroom. Only by looking at them, canopy beds scream style and opulence. Along with canopy beds, upholstered headboards continue to be used for modish and pragmatic reasons; they are comfortable sitting up and relaxing in bed.

Just remember that balance is everything in design, so you never want to go entirely overboard using any one material. These decor trends have worked out successfully in different settings and worked for years. If your décor goal for your home is to make a few significant and pricy changes as possible, these timeless trends are sure to refresh your space tastefully.