Oregon is a place of endless surprises and benefits. The estimated 4.27 million people there are known for their love of outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, biking, and so on. Situated by the Western US Pacific Northwest region, the state has some of the most diverse scenic views.

Like outdoor activities, Oregonians are also known for their love of interior decoration. No wonder many companies are selling Custom Blinds and Shades in Oregon.

Custom window treatments are popular. After all, there are many different ways to cover the windows, like Roller, Cellular, Roman Shades or Wood Blinds, Faux Wood Blinds, Vertical Blinds, etc.

Regardless, some misconceptions about these window treatment options still inhibit some people from installing them. Sometimes, people think the prices are too much or that these can’t be cleaned properly, among other things.

This article will debunk those for you so you can install them too.

Blinds Can’t Be Installed In Houses With Kids – Myth #1

Kids are pretty curious about blinds and shades as they look attractive. Therefore, sometimes, they might hurt themselves accidentally.

However, saying that blinds and shades cannot be installed in houses with kids is a complete myth. One can do that. All you need to do is get custom blinds and shades without cords. Yes, cordless options are available.

There Aren’t Much Customization In Custom Blinds/Shades – Myth #2

This is common because many people are unaware of the wide range of window treatment options, let alone in blinds and shades.

Talking about customization, one can do infinite variations on all levels, like in the product aesthetics, materials, colors, sizing, etc. When you buy custom window coverings, you get highly-tailored products that perfectly fit your windows. The options are plenty enough to match all tastes and preferences of buyers.

Blinds/Shades Don’t Last Long – Myth #3

This is entirely a myth, considering how most window treatment options last for at least a decade. The products are rigorously constructed, tested, and checked for quality before launching them into the market. Also, if you purchase your custom blinds and shades from a reputed manufacturer in Oregon, double that guarantee of product quality.

Maintenance Is Haphazard And Problematic – Myth #4

It is true that it takes one to clean these regularly to ensure they look new. If they get some stains, they can also be cleaned down. But, if you think fabric stains faster than vinyl, consider it a myth.

Also, talking about maintenance, it is not problematic at all. Different stain-fighting enzymes do a great job while efficiently cleaning blinds, shades, curtains, drapery, etc., with ease.

Operating Blinds/Shades Is Tough – Myth #5

Sometimes, the elderly or kids might have some issues operating them. But there’s a solution too. Installing motorized blinds or dual shades are the best options that provide enough customization to ease operation.

Wrapping Up

Custom Blinds and Shades in Oregon can be found in different online stores. With the average pricing of blinds at $300 for a 24/36” window, custom shades cost slightly more. While regular shades cost $200 per window in Oregon, customized ones cross $1,000. However, it all depends on the window size, what customizations you are looking for, etc.

Henry Williams

Henry Williams

Henry Williams, armed with a degree in Civil Engineering, has been at the forefront of home maintenance and safety since 2008. His professional journey includes a significant tenure at a renowned construction firm, where he led numerous safety initiatives, including roles in safety consulting. Henry's passion extends to sharing his knowledge through writing and workshops. An enthusiast of vintage cars, he often spends weekends restoring classic models. His hobbies include woodworking and hiking, often drawing parallels between nature’s resilience and home durability.

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