Motorized curtains, motorized window treatments are becoming more and more popular in modern homes. Motorized curtains are a great way to help save money on your energy bill and give you the privacy you want.

These motorized curtain motor systems have transformed the way people use their windows for privacy and light control. With these motorized curtains, you can open or close the curtains with a remote controller at your fingertips from anywhere in your home or office.

In addition, motorized curtains are beneficial to those who find it difficult to get out of bed so they can pull up their own blinds or shades, as well as those with disabilities who may not be able to raise heavy drapes by themselves. They’ve been around for quite some time, but they were typically expensive and difficult to find.

Fortunately, motorized curtains have become more popular in recent years thanks to advancements in technology. As a result, there are now motorized curtains available for just about any window size or type of home décor. Keep reading this motorized curtain buyer’s guide for reviews of 5 top-rated motorized curtains!

Top 5 Best Motorized Curtains 2021

1. American Homesupplier Smart Curtains

American Homesupplier Smart Curtains offer great options to help with your light and privacy needs. They are made of metal, which is durable yet still lightweight even when the curtains are closed.

The motor quality on these curtains is also better than most because it runs much quieter so you can enjoy a more peaceful environment at home or work. Again, this is a great quality for those with sensitive hearing.

Multiple control methods are available, including hand-held remote, smartphone, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home or Apple Siri. There’s even the option to set up timer scheduling so that your curtains open and close automatically when you want them to – perfect for anyone who has an unpredictable schedule.

These curtains are also available in three different installation options: left, right, or central opening. The smart motor even remembers the curtain position and distance settings, so you don’t have to worry about it every time!

Homesupplier Smart Curtains, Remote Control Curtain Rod, WiFi Control, Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Varied Length (10 ft Rod)
  • Durable, heavy duty, quiet smart curtain. Easy assembly, DIY length by cutting. Better motor...
  • Multiple control methods: hand-held remote, smartphone, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Siri.
  • Timer scheduling for automated opening and closing via remote or smartphone.
  • Three installation choices: central, left, and right opening. Smart motor can remember curtain...
  • Light touch trigger: manually pulling the curtain can trigger the motor to operate automatically....

2. Quoya Smart Curtains System.

The Quoya Smart Curtains System is a wireless smart curtain controlled by either the Tuya app or Google Home. It also has an inbuilt tap-to-close function, which tells you when to wash your windows, so they don’t get dirty and smeary.

The first thing I noticed with the Quoya Smart Curtains System is that it comes in various shapes and sizes. So, the only thing you need to do is measure your windows and then pick the size that fits them.

The Quoya Smart Curtains System is well-made with strong materials that will last for years and comes in an elegant white finish that looks good on any home décor. It’s easy to install as you need two screws per bracket – some people had a problem with this as the brackets didn’t work for them.

Quoya Smart Curtains System, Electric Curtain Track with Automated Rail【Motorized and Adjustable Tracks/Rod/Pole (up to 3 metres / 118 inches)】【Quoya WiFi Motor compatible with Alexa】
  • 【NEW MODEL AVAILABLE- Search: Quoya AT5810】Quoya electric curtain tracks are perfect for hard to...
  • 【FIT FOR ALL】Our customizable tracks can fit any window size up to 118 inches. Simple connection...
  • 【VIP CUSTOMER SERVICE】Full 24/7 Customer Support available via text/phone/email/Facebook...
  • 【8 SMART FUNCTIONS】1)Touch motion activation 2)Powercut overdrive 3)Schedule setting 4)Sunset...
  • 【INSTALLATION PROMISE】Our installation videos will guide you step by step to ensure a smooth...

3. zemismart WiFi Curtain System

The zemismart WiFi Curtain System is one of the most innovative motorized curtain systems available. It comes with a remote that’s easy to use and gives you control over many different aspects, including brightness, color temperature, and volume.

It also has an inbuilt timer that automatically closes your curtains at specific times, so they don’t stay open all day. You can set the timer to open and close at specific times, such as late evening when you’re in bed or early morning when it’s still dark outside.

It’s also an easy installation process that doesn’t require any screws as the brackets are magnetic, so they attach to your windows without needing anything else! This is a definite plus for anyone who doesn’t want to mess around with tools.

zemismart WiFi Curtain System,Electric Remote Control Drapy ,Curtain Motor with DIY Tracks,Alexa Google Home Control via Tuya App Timer,Slide Shade Motor compatible with Broadlink(5.2M(203 inch))
  • With 1Meter DIY Tracks:0.5m*1+0.2m*2+0.1m*1,Packed with Remote (WITHOUT battery inside)Set the work...
  • Support Remote control, APP Control, voice up and down by Alexa Echo and Google Home Smart speaker...
  • Reset The motor:press reset key for 3 times to set the switch that light flash means wait for...
  • Manual Operation: When powered on, the curtain could be pull by hand with 10cm. Then the curtain...
  • Obstacle stop function: the motor could stop when it meets obstacle ,in order to protect the system...

4. Yoolax Motorized Curtain Rod

Yoolax Motorized Curtain Rod is a high-quality product.  It is quite different from the other products on this list, based on the remote control or an app. It also has voice support and allows you to control it with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

This product is plugged into a power outlet, so you need to be careful not to place the product in an area where there is no power outlet. It also has a timer to automatically close your curtains after setting them for a certain amount of time.

The only downside to this product is that it has a bit of installation required. You will need a power outlet near your curtain rod, which not every house has. The curtains can be manually pulled open as well when the power is off.

Yoolax Motorized Curtain Rod Compatible with Alexa Hardwired Smart Electric Drape Track System with Remote (88-157" W)
  • PARAMETER: Motor work under 100V-240V, responsive and quiet operate. Need to plug in, please make...
  • EASY-TO-INSTALL: No need for Splicing assembly, our curtain rod is a set, it can be adjusted to the...
  • MOTORIZED SMART CURTAIN TRACK: Voice control via Alexa and Google Assistant (no need HUB), TuyaSmart...
  • FUNCTIONS: Only can be able to open from center. Smart motor can remember curtain position and...
  • SHIPPING&SERVICE: Usually dispatched in 2-3 workdays. Receiving damaged components, please take...

5. Graywind Motorized Zebra Sheer Blinds

The Graywind Motorized Zebra Sheer Blinds were created with a high-quality built-in lithium battery rechargeable RF/ZF motor that can last for three to six months once fully charged.

This product is perfect in any office setting and provides a smooth, effortless glide with the touch of a finger. It is easy to set and features an upgraded operating system that allows for greater authority with APP & VOICE control blinds and other models and Google Assistant.

The remote is available for those who need a single channel timer or want to operate the zipper-less and cordless shades from the comfort of their own sofa.

Graywind Motorized Zebra Sheer Blinds Compatible with Alexa Horizontal Light Filtering Window Shades Remote Roller Blinds with Valance for Smart Home and Office, Customized Size, White
  • FUNCTIONAL BLINDS: 80% blackout, alternating sheer and 3" slats combination. Adjust light by slats...
  • SIMPLICITY REMOTE MOTORIZATION: High quality built-in lithium battery rechargeable RF/ZF motor, can...
  • RF MOTOR Solutions: Single channel remote available to meet simple timing needs. Alexa & Google...
  • ZF MOTOR Solutions: If your Alexa is Echo Plus(2nd Gen)/ Echo Show(2nd Gen)/ Echo Studio/ Echo Show...
  • MADE-TO-ORDER: Click "Customize Now" for dimensions and details, order will proceed if we don't get...

What to Look for in a Motorized Curtain?

If you are looking for a top-notch motorized curtain, it is essential to consider the following aspects:

The Type of Mounts

This factor decides the type of wall installation you are going to need. Choose from surface mounted (wall), ceiling, or track-mounted curtains. Surface-mounted curtains are the easiest to install. The two most common types of mounts for ceiling-mounted and track-mounted curtain tracks are brackets or rods.

Track-mounted curtains require more installation work, but they are much easier to take down and move around the house or apartment than surface-mounted curtains.

The Fabric Quality

A clean and crisp curtain made from durable fabrics is what you want if you look for a sophisticated look.

The Type of Motor

Different motors have different strengths and weaknesses. Some are quieter than others, for example. Motorized on/off remote controls

Quality and Durability

A well-made motorized curtain is a sign of quality and durability. Therefore, you want to make sure you are looking for a durable curtain that will last.


A warranty is a sign of confidence that the curtain you are buying will last for many years and be dependable.


Pricing is always something to consider. However, when it comes to price, the higher you go in pricing usually means the better quality of curtain you are getting.

Now that you know all the aspects to consider when purchasing a motorized curtain, it is time to look at some of the top-rated motorized curtains.

Final Words

If you are looking for a motorized curtain, the five best ones reviewed in this article will help narrow your search.

These curtains have been rated highly by their owners and promise to make your home more energy-efficient while giving it an elegant look.

In addition, you can find out if any of these motors would work well with your personal style preferences simply by reading through this list and checking them out online.

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