Most homeowners in Australia understand the value of security camera systems, which is why most Australian homes today have improved home safety with CCTV systems.

With security camera systems, homeowners can monitor areas of their property and make burglars hesitate about breaking in. It’s because there’s a risk that they can be identified by security cameras.

However, most people only know the standard use of CCTV. But, in reality, there are many creative ways that homeowners can use their security camera systems. It’s not just limited to home security but in other areas, too.

If you want to know more about other ways to use your security cameras for better home security and comfort, you can find out in this article.

Make your security camera system double as a nanny cam.

Nanny cams are cameras used by homeowners to monitor their babysitters and ensure that they don’t do anything suspicious while taking care of their children. You can set them up and put them in different locations.

A few years ago, nanny cams were very useful. They are still useful, but you can now use your security camera system as a nanny cam, as they now come in small dimensions and with proprietary apps to help you monitor the system using your smartphone.

In this way, you can take tabs on your babysitter when you can and be ready to come home if you notice anything weird. Furthermore, you can also use your CCTV to keep track of your children at home.

Monitoring your garden

Besides monitoring your home for better security, you can also use your CCTV for gardening.

We all know that pests like raccoons and squirrels can destroy a garden. Using modern security camera systems with motion detection features, you can be alerted when there’s movement in your garden, so you can check it out.

Furthermore, you can also set the sprinklers to turn on if motion is detected. It’s not just about simple motion, as modern CCTVs can determine the movement of humans and animals, so it won’t turn the sprinklers on when you’re outside.

Neighbourhood watch

Back in the day, being part of a neighbourhood watch meant staying up late at night and walking down the block to watch for anything suspicious.

With modern motion detection capabilities possessed by modern security camera systems, you don’t have to do that. You don’t even have to constantly look at the footage, as the system can tell you when there’s anything suspicious, as it can determine the difference between motion caused by animals and humans.

Some security camera systems also come with an application that helps organize neighbourhood watches using security camera systems, as these applications will allow you to monitor all the cameras installed in the neighbourhood.

But, before doing this, make sure to ask your neighbours for access to their security footage.

Understanding customer behaviour

For business owners, installing security camera systems is essential to making sure that your customers, employees, and all your assets are safe as you do day-to-day business.

But aside from keeping everyone safe, did you know that you can also use your security cameras to drive profits?

For example, using recorded footage, you can analyze which areas of your store customers frequent the most. After that, you can find specific reasons why customers flock to that area. You can take a look at the products in that corner, the time of day, and many other details.

With this new knowledge, you can devise ways to rearrange your store in a way that improves customer flow and leads customers to other areas of the store, and allows them to access other products. It can lead to better sales and profit because you can direct your customers to where you want them to be.

Receiving delivery packages

Have you ever had a delivery when you’re not home? Most of the time, couriers will just leave your package on your front porch, where many things can happen, such as your package getting stolen or damaged. Sometimes, they won’t leave it on the front porch, but you have to get it back from the courier, which is also a hassle.

If you want to avoid all this trouble, it’s time to use your security camera systems for receiving deliveries.

First, you need to install a lockable box that you can open using your phone or via passcode outside your door. Then, you can use two-way communication to talk to the courier and teach them what to do with your package.

Using your CCTV, you can monitor all of this and see if the delivery person does things right or does something wrong or suspicious.

Furthermore, when you’re away, your CCTV will also notify you when there’s a person outside your home, which can be the delivery person.

Elderly care

If you have a senior living with you who’s being taken care of by a caregiver, you can improve the care they receive by monitoring what the caregiver does when you’re not home. Furthermore, you can also use two-way communication to help caregivers when they have questions, or you want to instruct them to do something in a certain way.

Make the best use of your CCTV by having the best security camera systems.

There are countless ways to utilize your CCTV other than the ones listed in this article. Of course, to make the best use of them, you’re better off using high-quality security camera systems.

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