With the kitchen space becoming the centre of many households, renovating it to make it look perfect is always on the agenda. Unfortunately, often, when it comes to renovating the kitchen, the budget becomes a problem as not everything you covet for your kitchen comes cheap. Club the costs of the countertops, appliances, kitchen tiles, labour and others, and the budget will escalate.

But there’s a lot you can do with a little bit of imagination. So if you are redesigning your kitchen and do not have a lot of budget to do that, getting a bit creative and changing just a few things can make a difference.

There are multiple clever kitchen ideas to choose from, and you can transform your space with some simple, practical and stylish ideas that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Here are some ideas that will blow your mind away and get you the right effect. We have included some stylish kitchen hacks that come at pocket-friendly prices.

1. Revamping the backsplash with tiles

Tiles can play a crucial role in uplifting the kitchen’s overall appearance. Using Orientbell Tiles products, you can coordinate one design with another to create the perfect combination. Check their TriaLook feature to figure out how the combinations will play out in your kitchen. Hand finished tiles or glass tiles are an ideal fit for kitchen backsplashes. Make sure they match with the overall kitchen design. So, choose the tiles that make stunning wall texture design to grab the visitor’s attention.

2. Select a chic kitchen sink matching the budget

Choose the sink depending upon the size of the kitchen area. Sinks manufactured out of stainless steel or ceramic materials are perfect for any kitchen, as they are resistant to all temperatures and are easy to clean. Sinks inserted in the worktop are easy to fit and come in a budget. On the other hand, under-mounted sinks can give a clean finish to the space.

3. Get the taps changed

Changing the taps should be the priority to add a distinctive character to the kitchen. It will help create a beautiful sense and classy vibes. Add valves made of copper or white ceramic handles to create aesthetic and striking looks. A new design of steel taps will add a contemporary touch, while installing a distinctive black tap will make a statement.

4. Get extra lighting

Innovative lighting ideas can significantly impact the overall look and feel of the kitchen. The row of pendant lights in a U-shape will give a welcoming vibe with bright colours that light up the kitchen’s breakfast bar area. The ideal choices to make are task lights that are similar to limelights over the worktops, halogen bulbs over the extractor, and ambient overhead lighting in the dining area. Hiring experienced electricians for these complicated tasks would be wise.

5. Get the kitchen worktops replaced

Changing the look of your kitchen with swish worktops is another great idea. Replacing your worktops seems a simple yet effective way to give the space a fresh look. Building in the draining board or heat rods for the pan stand are some ideas you can consider.

6. Brighten up the space with unique and fun ornaments

Accessories are known to add liveliness to any space. Displaying names on particular items in the open shelves keeps the kitchen organised, so you only have your favourites on display. However, this is the perfect place to show off mugs and expensive dinner sets, and it is sure to cheer your kitchen up.


You don’t necessarily need to change your kitchen from the top to bottom. Different parts of the kitchen can come together to create the overall look. So make your decision on how you want to redesign your kitchen. At Orientbell Tiles, you will find a range of design ideas for the kitchen. So get going now!