All homes and businesses function well with a proper roof. Most people don’t think twice about the quality of a roof, but when problems start arising, it becomes the main focus.

Few factors can affect a roof, but the chance of damage or worn quality still exists. The only way to confirm your roof remains sturdy and in working condition is by contacting a roofing contractor for a roof inspection. You can check places like APEX Roofing before making the final decision. This article will help you understand the basics of proper roof maintenance and why roof inspections can extend the lifespan of your establishment.

Why Should You Get a Roof Inspection?

Many people like to gamble the risk when it comes to roof maintenance. All their trust falls on the building’s foundation and how many years it can last.

However, environmental factors and poor maintenance shorten a roof’s quality and lead to more expensive damages and repairs.

Here are some reasons why a proper roof inspection by a roofing contractor is crucial to any home or business.

Storm Damage

One of the most common reasons for roof inspections is secured protection against storms and hail.

If you live in areas that experience hurricane season or terrible winds, roofs should have an inspection to have them survive the rough weather.

Not only would the weather put a roof at risk of losing shingles and other materials, but it can also create leaks and holes for water infiltration.

Large trees that hover over roofs can have their branches torn off and cause immeasurable damage to an establishment. If they have poor construction, then it would fail to provide protection, and the damage could lead to expensive repairs.

Weathering and Aging

Unless you take care of your roof daily, the quality can wear down over time. It isn’t prone to natural weathering and aging.

The standard benchmark life for a multi-ply roof equates to around 30 years. Single-ply roofs have approximately 15-25 years before the years start taking effect.

Over time, a roof might need shingle replacements and a simple inspection for cracks and holes that can lead to water leaks and internal damage.

Contacting a contractor for a roof inspection can tell you when it’s time to make a replacement or some patches. The cost depends on the quality and how long it’s been since proper maintenance.

Leak Assessment

After a heavy rainstorm, the last thing you want is a roof with holes. However, the evidence of a roof leak can be a good thing.

Moisture infiltration exposes itself through hearing instead of sight. The leaking might happen out of sight and in areas you don’t regularly visit.

With a leak investigation, the roofing contractor can spot signs of rotting wood, corrosion, mold, and other indicators of a roof leak. They can also give you a thorough diagnosis of the problem and preventive methods.

The type of roof also has different leaking effects. Low slope roofs don’t leak as much in the roof’s open field and occur during elevation shifts, flashings, and expansion joints.

Roofs with clear signs of deterioration might not have visible evidence of leakage. The water could migrate to a different entry point and cause damage from moisture saturation.

Warranty Repair

Numerous events and natural causes can lead to roof damage, but few apply under a warranty claim. When this change happens, a scheduled roof inspection can come in handy.

A rooftop inspector comes to your property, inspects your roof, and determines whether or not to file a warranty claim. The claim calls the manufacturer for a second opinion and covers the requested charges for repairs.

You should always keep the warranty documents in a safe, secure place. Follow the procedures for a smooth process, and you’ll reduce the precious time for needed repairs.

Routine Maintenance Damage

Sometimes the roof damage doesn’t come from you or nature. Other forms of property maintenance can also affect your roof.

Maintenance workers for air conditioners or electric wiring may need access to the roof during a portion of their procedures. Accidents can happen, and some shortcuts can become a future problem for someone else.

Mishaps like failing to close off the mechanical roof panels and leaving behind refrigerant containers and random objects on the roof contribute to the deterioration of a roof’s quality.

Roof Cleaning

Roof inspections don’t just check for damage but also help in cleaning.

Some items or debris can be out of view from the owner, and a contractor can offer a helping hand to clean out potential trash.

Cleaning out the trash can reduce wind damage and prevent clogged drains and gutters from blocking rainwater.


A proper roof inspection done by a roofing contractor keeps you safe from potential damage and saves you money from expenses.

The next time your home or property goes through a thunderstorm, contact a roofing professional for possible damage and leaks.

Emily Henderson​

Emily Henderson​

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