Looking to make your home a little bit luxurious? This article contains some beautiful boujee ideas to get you inspired.

Would you love a home that was more luxurious, stunning and opulent but you don’t know how to do it, or how to afford it?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

So many people on social media seem to have beautiful, opulent homes. It’s important to know that many of those people aren’t flush, and actually a beautiful, boujee home is within reach for most of us. It only takes a few minor adjustments and your home can start to become truly Instagrammable:

Before You Begin…

Before you start doing anything new to your home, consider the benefits of a clean and decluttered space, which is the base level of a beautiful home anybody can achieve.

Move things into a budget self storage space from Storing to sort through them and declutter them. You might also want to move the furniture from a space you want to transform into an affordable self storage space at Storing.com so that you can have a clear image of the space you’re working with.

It’s not always necessary, but it can be really helpful if you want to not only create space, but to also protect your furniture and other things from products like paint, or other decorating debris.

The Flashy Corner

Lots of Instagram-worthy areas of a home are where all the effort goes into making that space flashy. If you were to pan around the rest of the space you’d probably find it wasn’t all as extra. It’s a great way to be boujee in a focused way. Features like a roll top bath, a growing wall, an indoor swing or an egg chair are a great example of the kind of flashy corner you could incorporate into your home for an instantly improved aesthetic.

A Statement Piece

One statement piece like a feature wall, vintage sofa or a huge sculptural plant can all instantly add some luxury to a space for a truly affordable price. It doesn’t matter how expensive the item is, just that it catches the eye in all the right ways.

Embracing Cheaper Trends

Cheap trends like houseplants, cottage core, minimalism and Japandi are boujee and beautiful without costing a lot of money. With trends like this you can easily enhance your home for a few pounds, or even for free by cleverly negotiating swaps and select choices from your low-cost self storage unit, or from sites offering free items.

Freshening Up With Plants

Plants are an affordable way to absolutely transform any home to give a lush, fresh, boujee look. One way to make it even more affordable is to buy pots from charity shops, car boot sales and junk shops. This will strip the price of the plants back, which you often pay a premium for just because of the nice pots. You can also get really good deals on houseplants online from local sellers. Once your collection grows, you can take cuttings and grow more plants yourself, perhaps even selling or gifting some on to share the planty love.

Embracing The Latest Colour

Some people enhance the way their home looks by simply embracing the latest on trend colour. At the moment that colour is green, and last year it was yellow. If you embrace the print or colour and include it on your walls or soft furnishings in some way, you instantly boost where you live into a boujee beautiful trendy place.

Understanding The True Meaning Of Luxury

What is boujee and luxurious is often assumed to only mean expensive or trendy, indulgent items. And by its very meaning, that is true. However, remember that you can have aspirational boujee features in your home. A gorgeous home office, displays of travelling you have done with enlarged travel photographs, a veggie garden – all of these are aspirational in some way, which can be the kind of luxury that is really impressive, especially if it is done in the right way.

The Campervan Dream Without The Pricetag

It may not be in your home, as such, but a campervan or a nice car can be an extension of your home. One trend that is enabling most vehicle owners to get involved in the ‘van-life’ tradition is the micro-van trend. It is cheaper, smaller vans that are done up inside to operate like a camper van, but in a more compact way. If you have the time, are looking for a new vehicle and you like travelling around, this could be a great way to be boujee and join the van community without spending lots of money.


Strangely, although eco products tend to be more cheap and basic compared to luxury products, eco-life practices and items has become a little bit boujee. Perhaps it is because the strain on finances and time means those who have time to care about the environment are privileged to be in that position. Perhaps it is because on the large, a lot of environmental services like zero waste shops, or eco-foods like superfoods are in a higher price band. Either way, a touch of eco-born these days is boujee and it could be an easy way to enhance your home if you have a want and budget to move in that direction. Think natural linens, hessian rugs, biophilia, homegrown veggies and hydroponics. It’s about embracing natural textures, minimalism and eco-friendly habits in a way that showcases your home and adds to its aesthetic and functionality.

“Home, the spot of the earth supremely blest, A dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest.” – Robert Montgomery

Creating more of a boujee home can be as simple as popping your clutter into affordable self storage, or as detailed as adding a plant wall to your bathroom. It’s up to you how you want to go about doing it, but do remember to have fun, be creative and utilise the many ways to achieve a boujee look on a budget.



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