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A Floor Lamp Will Add Style to Your Living Room

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In modern apartments of the 21st century, floor lamps should be present as one of the light sources. These have been on the market for a long time, but now they combine practicality and stylish trends. If you want to match a floor lamp with a table lamp at home, choose one of the many sets that contain both in the same style. Otherwise, it is suitable for living rooms and corridors, halls or halls.

Together with the lamp, combine a maximum of three shades in the room

You can find a place for floor lamps in bedrooms or offices, but increasingly also in children’s rooms. It is up to you which floor lamp design you choose; it depends only on your imagination and needs. Floor lamps with and without dimmers, lamps of a classic design with standard white light, but also those where the power of colours enchanted you. But combine a maximum of three shades in the room.

TIP: Get a black floor lamp for your living room and make it a luxurious space for visitors.

They can be of different heights, have different lighting intensities and designs, and offer the option of choosing colours and materials. Lamps with dimmers can be used in several rooms. They have excellent lighting regulations. This will come in handy when watching TV, sitting with a visitor, or relaxing. Use the lamp at full power for reading or manual work.

A floor lamp is no longer just decorative room lighting. If it provides diffused light and a source for a more powerful bulb above 60 W, you will also use it as the primary light source. But the lamp must be stable and therefore heavier. It is suitable, for example, for rooms with low ceilings. Manufacturers sometimes equip wheels for more effortless movement.

You can recognize a decorative lamp by its matte or less translucent shade. Thanks to it, it only shines with dim light, so it does not serve either as main lighting or for reading. The shade is made of coloured glass, mother of pearl, rattan, bamboo fibre or other natural materials. Get a lamp that fits in with its shape, colour and style or, on the contrary, will stand out.

A lamp with a movable arm illuminates your reading

To read a book, you can use a lamp with a movable arm, which lets you illuminate precisely where you need it. The shade should be deep enough and opaque that you cannot see the light source. A 65 or 70-W energy-saving light bulb or fluorescent lamp is suitable for reading, and the lighting intensity, for example, in the bedroom, should be around 300 lux.

If you have handy hands, you can make a lamp out of almost anything; there are no limits to your imagination. All you have to do is buy an electrical cord with a socket and figure out what to make the lamp out of. You can make the lampshade, which you hang on any stand, from veneer strips that can be bought online. Attach the individual strips to the wooden circle with a stapler or small metal staples.

Floor lamps with a cylinder can be in different designs, from retro, vintage, romantic, to timeless design. Those with a wooden leg and a top made of linen look irresistible, but even the metal ones with a patinated finish are not unattractive. These lamps are often used in the living room, where a work desk is nearby, or even in offices.

Floor lamps bring light to every home. They are not only practical but often also a dominant element of rooms. Get additional decorative lights for the living room, which you can use to illuminate corners and showcases, alcoves, ceiling soffits or furniture. The lights are primarily used to create the right atmosphere, so choose LED strips with the possibility of changing the colour and intensity of the light.

Put the floor lamps on each side of the bed

You can also use the wall or floor lamp for reading on the ramp or the shelf above the bed in the bedroom. If you like floor lamps, place them next to the double beds on each side of the bed. Standing lamps with adjustable shades also save the eyes of avid readers. They are made of coloured or frosted glass, metal, fabric or paper and can also be a great decoration.

Do you also use floor lamps at home, and which type did you like the most? Write in the comments under the article what kind of success you had, where you got your inspiration from and advise other readers.

Kristi Linauer​

Kristi Linauer​

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