Possible Crossed- Circle Sign Source



It has been the author's proposition that Zodiac was an occultist. Not only was there a new moon on December 20, 1968 but it was the beginning of Yuletide, a Celtic celebration. It was wondered why Zodiac referred to the 20th as "christmass" but if he were a follower of pagan dates, etc., and was accommodating his readers then he could say the 20th was Yuletide or (their) "last christmass."


The July 31st letter dates also line up with a pagan holiday - Lammas - which extended to August 1st, Zodiac's "deadline" to have his cipher published on the front page. Even the April 30, 1967 "Z" notes were sent on an important pagan / witchcraft celebration.


There are many other examples of from where the symbol could have been inspired. This example is very interesting.


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