Dining chairs are a necessary part of your dining room’s design. You may have a table that’s in great condition, but because of the consistency and daily wear and tear on the chairs, it may be time to replace them.

Types of Furniture

Upholstery may be falling apart, or the scratches and gauges in the wood may be unsightly. Whatever the case, you never want to sacrifice price for the quality. Since there is a lot of shopping done online, you may think it’s hit or miss, but there are small things you can look for to let you know just how durable the chair is you’re viewing.

One thing to keep in the front of your mind is the type of wood that’s being used. It’s important to know your wood types. There are three categories wood furniture will fall under: solid wood, wood veneers, and composite wood.

Solid Wood

Solid wood is usually a bit pricier than the other types, and it’s undeniable how great it looks. However, it is prone to collecting scratches and water rings. Veneers are cheaper since they use less of the high-quality woods. They are typically comprised of an inexpensive wood base covered with thin layers of high-quality wood.

Composite Wood

Composite wood, also known as particleboard, is made by combining wood pulp, plastics, and resins. These items are the leftover scraps thrown together to give you a piece that won’t last decades. They’re great choices if you don’t plan on staying in the space long and need cheap furniture to get by.

Check the weight of the chair to indicate its strength. A chair may look like it’s durable, but if it only weighs a few pounds, it may not be able to stand up to your household’s daily use. You also want to make sure it will hold each family member without the legs giving out.

The average chair holds between 200-250 pounds, and more solid chairs can hold 300-350 or 400-500 pounds. Most dining chairs are about 25 pounds. The heavier ones can hold more weight, but it’s always best to check the dimensions and ask customer service a ton of questions to make sure it’s right for your home.

Research Better

Another action you can take is to research the brand you’re interested in buying. Visit the brand’s website and read up on the construction they use for their chairs. Look at reviews left by other buyers who purchased this brand and find out what they’re saying. If you notice a common complaint running through all the reviews, don’t ignore it. You can find a high-quality dining chair set if you read up on the brand.

The same is true of customer reviews left for specific pieces of furniture. Each one is usually given a star rating that will help you decide if the chair is right for you. Read the reviews thoroughly and pay attention to the information being left by people using the piece in their homes. They will provide insight into the quality and durability of each chair style.

Pick a Style

Once you know what to look for, you can then move on to the fun part: finding a style. Do you want a formal dining area, or do you want to set a more casual tone for the space? Chairs with high backs and arms can quickly add that formal feel to the space. Add tufted upholstery for an additional upgrade.

Chairs without arms give the area a casual feel. It is a room where friends and family can laugh without embarrassment while sharing their outrageous stories. You can also find sleek, contemporary designs without arms that instantly update any dining area. Everyone will feel welcome and at home no matter which style you choose to go with.

And what about color? Color is always fun to play with, and the dining chair offers a chance to add just a touch of color to an otherwise bland space. Let’s say your home has a neutral color palette with small pops of orange throughout the home in the form of blankets, throw pillows, and decorations. Then an orange set of dining room chairs will blend seamlessly into the design.


Don’t be afraid to introduce patterns and prints into the space with upholstery. Animal prints, paisleys, and other designs can enhance the look and feel of the room by adding a bit of character. Just be sure to stick with the current color palette to keep the home’s flow cohesive.

But if the dining room is separate from the rest of the home, you have the option to create a completely new vibe in the space that doesn’t have to fall in line with the rest of the decor.

So don’t wait to buy that new set of dining chairs. Visit the site today and find the perfect option.

Henry Williams

Henry Williams

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