Now that you’ve chosen from among the luxury apartments for rent or properties for sale in Dubai, the next step is to furnish it with pieces that will make the place feel more like home.

Whether you’re planning to stay in the city mid-term or eventually wish to buy the place you’re renting, you’ll want to have furniture that will fit not only the available space but also your unique lifestyle.

This is where bespoke furniture comes in.

Read on to learn more about bespoke furniture, including what it is, why you should consider it, and some helpful tips when ordering one.

What Is Bespoke Furniture?

Before anything else, you must first learn exactly what you’re supposed to get.

When you hear the term “bespoke” – be it in furniture, clothing, or anything else – know that it’s just another term used for “custom-made.”

Some people think that bespoke is equivalent to hand-made, but that’s not always the case. For furniture, the term describes pieces that are crafted for you and you alone. In other words, it’s designed and manufactured to meet your specific needs.

Why Choose Bespoke Furniture: 5 Reasons

Custom furniture isn’t always the first choice because of its slightly higher price tag. However, that added cost does come with added value. Sometimes, this type of furniture may even be more cost-effective than brand generic pieces (see reason no. 4).

Not convinced?

Below are five reasons why you should consider ordering bespoke furniture in Dubai:

Made with precise measurements

In many cases, mass-produced furniture just doesn’t fit right in a given space, no matter the variety of options you try. This is especially true for houses and apartments with odd angles and room dimensions or slanted and unusually low ceilings.

Instead of trying to wrap your head around how to fit a ready-made piece, consider having one custom-made for that specific area.

One of the significant advantages of bespoke furniture is the precise measurements that allow it to fit into a particular area in your home perfectly.

Unlike mainstream furniture, custom-made pieces are manufactured to exact measurements, so you don’t have to deal with awkward gaps and too-big furniture.

Uniquely designed for you

Besides fitting like a glove, bespoke furniture also comes with unique designs ideal for whoever orders them. That means you can get the exact design you want and not compromise your desired aesthetic as people normally do with ready-made furniture.

You can freely alter any of the elements: patterns, colors, and materials. Think outside the box all you want; you get 100 percent control over how it will look.

Maximizes the available space

As mentioned before, bespoke furniture is built to fit a specific space perfectly. Besides its appearance, it also has the added advantage of making the most of the available space.

Sometimes, placing ready-made furniture in a space just results in those little spaces on the sides of the piece that will eventually be filled with clutter, like tennis rackets and ironing boards. Or worse, they could gather dust and leave the room looking untidy.

With custom-built pieces, you can also maximize the space for your storage needs. This means extra storage for anything from an extra spice rack on kitchen cupboards to additional hanging space in a wardrobe.

Best choice for wise spending

Sometimes, monetary savings isn’t about the cash you didn’t have to spend. It can also be about the value you get from the purchase.

This is true with bespoke furniture. Not only can you avoid buying duplicates since the first one you bought does not fit, but you can also ensure that the purchase is appropriately planned and remains within budget.

Excellent quality

While some ready-made pieces are made from sturdy materials, bespoke furniture has the advantage of unparalleled quality. Mass production tends to remove the human element in making furniture, something that eventually affects their quality.

With bespoke, you get high-quality pieces that are carefully made (some even handcrafted) for your needs. Experienced joiners only use premium quality materials and provide expert craftsmanship apparent in their finished products.

How to Order Bespoke Furniture: 4 Tips

Decided to go with bespoke furniture? Make sure you get the most out of what you pay for with the following tips:

Make a plan.

Don’t go shopping for custom furniture without a plan; else, it’ll eat too much of your time.

Make sure you consider the space, its layout, and how you want it to look after the pieces are put together. Once you’re done with a design scheme, talk to your retailer about it.

With so many options out there, you may also find it challenging to find what’s best for your home. In this case, advice from furniture experts will become invaluable. Try to look for resources that could help you make smart decisions and understand how a piece of furniture fits into your space and your life.

Choose pieces to customize wisely.

Customizing everything may not always be the practical choice. Try to look at the different rooms of the house and pinpoint key pieces of furniture that serve as the focal point of the interior design.

Below are some of the common pieces that are best customized:

  • Beds
  • Wardrobes
  • Dining set
  • Cupboards and other storage pieces

The key is to choose pieces that will stay for longer periods in the same room.

Don’t skip the samples.

Since you have total control over the elements needed to craft your furniture, you should learn as much as you can about them. That includes taking and studying samples of materials, colors, and patterns you use in a specific piece.

Interior design experts encourage homeowners and tenants to get a feel of these elements. This will help them understand whether they could live with a piece in the long run, especially with children or pets roaming the house.

Some fabrics, for instance, can withstand wear-and-tear from pets, hold up better in light, or resist wine spills. The bottom line is to determine how the furniture fits into your life.

Study up on returns.

Knowing that you’ll be supported by the bespoke furniture company you’re dealing with when unexpected things happen is a major plus. It offers peace of mind and eliminates disappointment.

Having the choice to return pieces that don’t make the cut is also a big convenience for homeowners. Studying return policies also helps you feel prepared, like when the retailer charges restocking fees for a piece you wish to return.

Go With Bespoke Furniture

Bespoke pieces eliminate unused space and ensure that the furniture you buy is a perfect fit.

Just remember to plan carefully, choose pieces wisely, and be thorough in your research before deciding to order bespoke furniture.