When it comes to having a truly comfortable home, thermostats are extremely important. A thermostat is a device that essentially regulates the temperature in a space.

It is a component of a broad system that you install in your house for optimal indoor temperature. Braeburn is a renowned name in the thermostat industry.

It produces efficiently working thermostats that greatly contribute to the comfort of your home. Founded in 2001, the company has been consistently putting up products that have grown increasingly popular among the masses.

Braeburn thermostats are quite easy to use. This Braeburn thermostat guide will help you carry out functions such as thermostat reset, battery replacement, etc.

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Braeburn Thermostat Models and Their Respective Manuals

A thermostat is a complex device. It can be quite difficult to follow the user guide of a thermostat guide even if you are habitual at following instructions.

To complicate the matter further, each model of Braeburn thermostats has its own manual. One standard set of instructions does not apply to all the thermostat features.

Therefore, it is necessary to access a user guide as per the thermostat model you own.

Here is how you identify the exact model you have. Braeburn thermostats have distinct model numbers. Each model carries its number at the back. All you need to do is look at the back of your thermostat. It is best to note the number and save it on your phone or your notepad.

It will save time when you need to access virtual guides on the internet as per your model number in the future.

Once you have the exact model number, visit the official website of Braeburn thermostats. The website is dynamic and regularly updated. You will find the virtual user guides for all thermostat models on the website.

the official website of Braeburn thermostats

You can also access downloadable links to thermostat manuals. That way, a soft copy of the user manual will always be within your reach for future reference.

Programming A Braeburn Thermostat

While different models have different functions, the basic features are the same. Consequently, some instructions can apply to all models. One such blanket instruction is for setting up or programming a thermostat. Locate the program button on your model.

On pressing it, you will be prompted to select the hot or cool setting. As per your choice, select the option.

You have the option to go for default settings. You can also customize the temperature setting. Use the arrow keys to set your desired temperature as per the time and date. Press “Return” when you are done.

How to Reset Braeburn Thermostat

Resetting a thermostat means erasing all the saved settings and putting the device back on factory mode. Therefore, refrain from resetting the thermostat unless necessary. The following are the simple steps you can follow for Braeburn Thermostat Reset-

  1. Shift the thermostat setting to Heat Mode.
  2. Bring the temperature three degrees higher than the temperature of the room.
  3. Switch the thermostat off.
  4. Press the Reset Button.

Once this sequence is performed, your thermostat will go on factory mode. You can now set the temperature again as per your requirements.

Battery Replacement for Braeburn Thermostats

Some models of Braeburn Thermostats are battery-powered. If left unchecked for a long time, there is a chance that the batteries might discharge. The thermostat can malfunction if that happens. Therefore, you must regularly check your thermostat batteries.

Replacing the batteries in Braeburn thermostats is extremely easy. All you need is a pair of AA batteries. From the wall plate, open the thermostat. Take the old batteries out. Replace them with the new ones and fit the thermostat back.

Troubleshooting for Braeburn Thermostat Mishaps

Troubleshooting for Braeburn Thermostat

There is nothing more annoying than a misbehaving thermostat. An uncomfortable room temperature causes as much physical discomfort as it affects mental peace. Usually, replacing the thermostat batteries solves the problem. But that is not always the case. Here is what you can try when your thermostat needs troubleshooting:

  • Checking The Fuse– If the screen of your thermostat keeps going blank, there is likely a problem with the fuse. If the fuse has blown, your thermostat is bound to misbehave. Check the circuit breaker for the fuse. Replace it at once if the fuse has blown. In case of a tripped breaker, simply revert the circuit.
  • Wiring Problems– When a wire comes loose, the thermostat fails to run smoothly. If you notice abrupt changes in the thermostat, there might be a problem with the wiring. Check for loose wires in the network. Inspect all the connections thoroughly. Make sure that you are wearing rubber gloves while dealing with the wires. It is best to contact an electrician of Hilton if you are not sure about the wiring.
  • Resetting The Thermostat– As mentioned before, resetting a thermostat deletes all the saved settings. Therefore, this option must be used when everything else fails. An improperly functioning thermostat sometimes requires going back to the factory setting. Reset your thermostat under such circumstances. Several models need something like a paper clip for holding the reset button and starting the process. Refer to the user guide of your thermostat and carry out the reset procedure accordingly. In most cases, the reset function sets the thermostat straight. If your thermostat still faces issues, call customer support, and seek professional advice.


Braeburn thermostats are not too complicated. Each model comes with a separate user manual. For a comfortable home, all you need to do is follow the instructions of the respective user manual.

Setting up a Braeburn thermostat is possible in three simple steps. Thermostats require a regular battery replacement. Braeburn thermostat reset is a significant maneuver that restores factory settings.

While replacing batteries usually works, a thermostat reset is sometimes crucial. Braeburn also has an approachable customer service that provides technical support and professional advice.

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