A home is not just a place where we live for years with family. As the physical home becomes the setting of our nostalgic memories over the years, it moves from being a tangible entity almost to a spiritual one.

How can you pin down and fully describe people’s magical attachment to their childhood home, the space where they experienced so many birthdays, holidays, and other milestones together? Builders can’t create this type of meaning with materials like wood or brick, but living in a custom home can facilitate the immediate needs of everyone in the family.

Let’s explore how it works.

Space to Work, Think, and Play

Many people would love to have a type of office because, for whatever reason, we’re better able to focus and concentrate in a space dedicated to just that. Maybe you’re a parent working remotely or have a hobby like woodworking requiring its own space.

It’s more likely that your kids need space to build Lego or play mini sticks. You can’t always count on an older home to have a space devoted to these things. Customizing your home allows you to shape the space according to your needs and wants.

Rental Unit Attached

Perhaps the extra space in your home can be used for someone else’s. Society is currently facing problems in housing, which is made worse as the cost of living also rises steeply.

Your custom home can include a rental unit that provides space for someone else to live while also netting you some passive side income. People tend to think of customization in terms of aesthetics, as in they control the look and shape of their home.

However, you can also customize your home to bolster your short- and long-term finances. There are ways to build a rental unit after the fact, but customizing your home with Blythwood empowers you to create the unit according to your specifications.

Connect with the right custom builder, and you’ll get everything you want in a home: a move-in ready space tailor-made to fit your lifestyle and tastes.

Get the Right Flow

Sometimes a home feels just right because of how it’s laid out rather than the square footage alone. It’s possible to have a larger space that feels cavernous and cold. On the flip side, when you can control the layout, you can get a lot more value and character out of a smaller space.

Older homes tend to be more sectioned off, with a clear division between kitchens and dens. Perhaps this was meant to contain heat or food smells, some other justification, or was simply preferred. Today, people tend to choose open spaces where the cook isn’t cut off from the people they’re cooking for.

Whatever your preference is, you either need to hope an old home fits the bill or get it customized yourself. You can also make important choices about your outdoor space in the front yard and backyard. Do you want a big garage, or do you not really drive much? Do you want a covered patio with a BBQ, or do you prefer increased sunlight?

These choices and others will be yours to decide when you opt for a custom home.

Future-proof Your Home

The things you need in a home today won’t be the same as tomorrow. Sometimes it feels like you blink, and then boom, the toddlers are teenagers.

If you move into an old home, you’ll need to inherit its bones and hope you can re-work them to fit today’s needs and tomorrow’s. Custom homes give you this control now.

Features and Finishes

Sometimes, the little things make all the difference. Opting for a custom home makes it easy to choose the finishes on things like kitchen cabinets and cupboards. Moving into a space someone else created means you inherit their preferences — either you need to buy and install replacements, or you need to feel like you’re in someone else’s space.

There may be features that are really important to you, like the type of flooring, countertops, tiles, fireplaces, skylights, and more. Together, these things add up and play a significant role in how you enjoy your domicile.

Going back after the fact to make changes costs time, money, and energy which is harder to muster than walking into a custom home that meets all your specifications right from the start.

The idea of home is a warm, comforting place where families build love and magical memories together. You can develop this ideal anywhere and with whatever level of luxury or special amenities. But customizing the physical aspects of a home can give you space to play and be creative, feel inspired, and help stabilize your long-term finances. Remember the above tips, and you may really enjoy a custom home.

Emily Henderson​

Emily Henderson​

With a Master’s degree in Architecture, Emily Henderson has been a guiding light in renovation and design. She is a celebrated writer and blogger transforming spaces for over a decade. Her journey in the field began at a renowned design firm, where she polished her skills. Her career path was pivotal when she became a leading architectural firm designer. She started sharing her expertise with many readers, focusing on sustainable and innovative design solutions. And she enjoys gardening and DIY home projects during her leisure time.

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