Futureproof your new home by installing a home lift

Within the UK there is a growing increase of an ageing population resulting in a large demand for people looking to future-proof their homes for decades to come. When it comes to household renovations, it is wise to create a future-proof home that will not only add additional value to your home, should you decide to sell, but also design a home that will last you for life that can effectively adapt to your changes in lifestyle as you grow older.

One of the best ways you can ensure that your home is built to stand the test of time is by incorporating a new home lift into the renovation of your home. A new home lift comes with many advantages and adding one during a major house renovation project is a great time to incorporate one into the design of your home even if you do not necessarily require it for the time being.

Incorporating a new home lift into the design of your home renovation will not only allow you to optimise your home’s space so that you can find the perfect spot for your new home lift but it also allows you to shape the home lift so that it blends into the design of your home. A common issue we tend to see is that later in life people require a home lift however it typically looks out of place and is not installed in a practical position for use because the home was not designed with the lift in mind when the renovation took place years beforehand.

Throughout this article, we will provide you with a breakdown of the advantages of incorporating a new home lift into the design of your home renovation and help you consider the risk and rewards.

We know that most people disregard home lifts due to their outright costs however being forced out of your newly renovated home in 20 years’ time will end up costing you a lot more than originally purchasing a new home lift.

Enhanced Accessibility

One of the main benefits of installing a new home lift whilst you renovate your home is the enhanced accessibility, particularly for those who are physically impaired whether that be due to a disability or old age. Although you can argue that a home lift will be just as convenient in 10 years’ time rather than being installed during the renovation, the argument is that by installing the new home lift during the home renovation you can design and choose where you want to place the stairlift within your home so it is in the most convenient and accessible location.

When you choose to install a new home lift later down the line, you will have to make comprises to your current living space. Not only this but you may not be able to install your home lift in the perfect location for accessibility and movement around the home.

Thus, if you plan to install a new home lift during the renovation you can choose the optimal area in your home to provide convenient movement from floor to floor eliminating the risks to navigate stairs and reducing the risk of accidents. Furthermore, you know what rooms will be the most important to you and can install the home lift in a convenient location to reach these destinations efficiently and adequately.

Future-Proofing & Increased Property Value

In addition to providing you with increased accessibility to the upper layers of your home for years to come, installing a new home lift into your home renovation plans can future-proof your home and also increase its property value. There’s nothing better than adding value to your home in this day and age right?

Incorporating a new home lift into your home design ensures your home is prepared for the future. As you and your family begin to age it will become increasingly more important to have a solid foundation in place to help support you with any mobility impairment issues and can help save you lots of money in the future.

With the increase in the ageing population within the UK, the demand for homes that have great access for the disabled and physically impaired will only increase more. With this, if you did ever decided to leave your home and downsize, the price for your renovated home that includes a home lift integrated into the design will only increase the pierce of your home by tenfold. This provides you with another great incentive to not wait around and get that new home lift installed within your new home renovation.

Can Have Control Over Design Integration Into Your Home

Integrating a new home lift whilst renovating your home provides you with the ability to essentially start from scratch. What this means is that you can design the new home lift to the exact parameters and design that you want.

This way your home interior design will not seem clunky and will feel seamlessly integrated with the new home lift that you are hoping to install. You can also design and pick out the ideal home lift that will blend into your interior design.

More often than not, people that wait to install their new home lift after a home renovation takes place, often have to make do with an ugly designed hoe lift that stands out for all the wrong reasons in the home. It looks out of place and it is distracting and although it may do the job it will never be as seamlessly and fully blended into the design of your home as it could be when it is added during a home renovation.


Overall, although the original cost of outright purchasing a home lift can be expensive, it is a worthwhile investment when renovating your home in a way to future-proof and increase the value of your home at the same time. Not only this but by choosing to integrate a new home lift into your residency whilst you are renovating your home, allows you to integrate the new home lift into the design so not only is it in the perfect location for future use providing you with the ultimate accessibility and ease of use but it can also be designed perfectly so it matches the interior of your home and looks like it was designed to be put there.

Too commonly we see people regretting not making the decision to do this and this ultimately leads to a home lift that is installed in an unconventional area of the home putting more stress on the physically impaired rather than installing the home lift during their renovation years beforehand and getting it placed in an ideal location.

Furthermore, a home lift can also seem out of place when installed later down the line throwing off the entire interior design of the home and making it look messy. By installing a new home lift during the renovation period, you can ensure that your lift will be integrated seamlessly into the design of your home.

Emily Henderson​

Emily Henderson​

With a Master’s degree in Architecture, Emily Henderson has been a guiding light in renovation and design. She is a celebrated writer and blogger transforming spaces for over a decade. Her journey in the field began at a renowned design firm, where she polished her skills. Her career path was pivotal when she became a leading architectural firm designer. She started sharing her expertise with many readers, focusing on sustainable and innovative design solutions. And she enjoys gardening and DIY home projects during her leisure time.

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