Home decor is an important aspect of many peoples’ lives. It can stimulate creativity, expressiveness and fun. Having a design/style that can mirror certain feelings or moods can be incredibly engaging for many homeowners across the UK. The beauty about home decor is that the possibilities are endless so very rarely do you get two properties that have the exact same indoor aesthetics. With this in mind, this article will take you through a specific subcategory of home decorating in the form of ‘interior doors’. As such, we will discuss the different types of door variations you can incorporate in your home to create a distinctive and unique style in your home.

French Doors

To start our list of door types we have the infamous French door. French doors add a classic design element to your space. They are made with high-quality wood, glass panels and usually open outwards to add a dramatic, quirky feel to your home. Often, you will see French doors used to separate an outdoor area like a patio from an indoor area. This incorporation goes superbly when transitioning from indoor spaces to outdoor spaces as they allow light to penetrate into the room and can act as a focal point to create a subtle and classic design feature. Not to mention, they inherently possess a highly durable material so safety and longevity are achieved.

Oak Door

Oak doors are perfect door styles that can match almost any indoor design. Oak doors help to trap heat during the colder winter evenings, but in contrast, can also work well during summer days as they allow your home to get cooler. Oak is a dense material making it extremely energy efficient. Furthermore, oak doors can be manufactured in a variety of attractive colours which further improves its ability to complement almost any indoor style. Not to mention, if you decide to install a reclaimed oak door you have all the previously stated benefits but with added character and personality. This is because at some point in time, the reclaimed oak door could have been a part of integral history which will no doubt bring life and character to your home.

Glass Doors

Glass doors can be manufactured with glass and a wooden frame or entirely of glass with no wooden frame. The pure glass variant is more appealing to home designs that are in touch with modern/futuristic tastes. Glass doors are usually installed in changing rooms and storage areas but can have the multifunction to work well at home too. Due to the nature of glass, light will pierce through wherever the door is installed which could save a lot of money on your energy bills so long as it is positioned correctly. Glass doors are usually positioned at the back of a house where views will be most apparent and privacy is key. For the wooden framed variant, the glass can even be stained to further match with the colour and aesthetics of your indoor home setting.

Dutch Doors

Dutch doors are a unique style of door and perhaps not well known for its name, but are certainly memorable for its properties and appearance. Dutch doors are divided horizontally, using different panels for the top and bottom. Because of the way this type of door is manufactured, It’s super convenient for kitchen settings or areas where you want to restrict access to your furry companions. They can also be ideal during sweltering hot summer days where simply opening a window is not suffice.

Bypass Doors

Bypassing doors have the distinctive function of one of the panels sliding to one side consequently, bypassing the other panel and saving space. These doors are usually made with lightweight solid wood and are excellent for modern and classic home decor. They are great for minimal spaces because they don’t swing open, hence why they are great a saving space, and are perfect for ease of access to outdoor areas – especially during the hot summer months. Not to mention, they can be manufactured with impressive colour palettes to match or enhance the decor of your home.

Flush Doors

Finally, to end this blog of different types of door types for your home, we have flush doors. Flush doors are simple designs that have plain facing on each side and contain minimal detailing, making them suitable for modern spaces. They are generally cost-friendly, quick and easy to clean, resist all types of scratches and stains and are not affected by outdoor humidity. Because of these properties and minimalist design, many homeowners across the UK incorporate flush doors to synergise with the rest of their indoor living areas.

Final Point

Choosing the perfect doors for your indoor space can be daunting, especially if you are new to interior decor. However, it doesn’t have to be complicated at all. We hope this list has provided you with some examples of the different types of door styles you can incorporate for your home so that ultimately, you can achieve a design that is unique and brings joy to yourself and others.



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