What is the free boiler grant scheme?

The government introduced the ECO (Energy Companies Obligation) scheme a few years ago to help British homeowners reduce their energy bills and become more environmentally friendly, reducing overall carbon emissions. The responsibility to provide free boiler grants falls to the six big energy suppliers, which are, nPower, E. ON, British Gas, SSE, EDF, and Scottish Power. By offering free grants towards new energy efficient boilers to qualifying households, the overall reduction in costs and emissions will help with the fight against climate change and being more environmentally friendly, whilst saving households money.

How much money will a new boiler through the scheme save you?

If we take into consideration that some older boilers could only be operating at 65% of their efficiency, you could be wasting 35p of every pound you spend on your heating, which is a lot of money when you add it up. By contrast, if you get a new boiler with a free boiler grant, it will usually come with an ‘A’ rating, meaning it can function at around 90%+ of its efficiency which means less than 10p being wasted. This means you could save as much as £300 a year on your heating bills just by replacing your old boiler with a new ‘greener’ one through the Free Boiler Grants Scheme.

Who can qualify for a free boiler grant?

To be eligible for a free boiler grant you should be a homeowner living in your property, with a boiler that is more than seven years old and be currently in receipt of a qualifying government benefit. Boilers under seven years old are not included in the scheme as it is likely that it will be more cost effective to repair your old boiler than replace it with a new one. There could be multiple home improvements you want to make as well as a new boiler, including new windows or doors. If you’re based in Scotland there could be local incentives available through Clydebuilt Home Improvements that may qualify you for significant discounts on your new home projects.

Qualifying benefits for a free boiler grant include:

· Child tax credit

· Income related employment support allowance

· Income based job seekers allowance

· Income support

· Pension guaranteed credit

· Working tax credit

· Universal credit

· Disability living allowance

· Personal independence payment

· Attendance allowance

· Carer’s allowance

· Severe disablement allowance

· Industrial injuries disablement benefits

· Ministry of justice benefits

· War pensions mobility supplement

· Constant attendance allowance

· Armed forces independence payment

· Child benefit

What about if you’re a renting tenant?

Some privately renting tenants in a property that does not have or has previously had central heating could also be eligible for a grant that provides for a new central heating system to be installed in their home. This would include a central heating boiler and radiators, relevant pipework, and control panels. The applicant would be the tenant who is renting the property and not the landlord. Unfortunately, tenants living in council owned properties or housing association homes are not eligible for the scheme.

It is also possible, if you are not receiving any of the qualifying benefits, you could still be eligible for a grant under ECO Flex rules. These rules are set by local authorities within their boundaries and provide grants to some tenants on the basis that they have lower incomes and so struggle to heat their homes sufficiently.

Does the boiler grant have to be repaid?

Boiler grants are free and do not have to be repaid by qualifying individuals at any time. There are no hidden terms or conditions that you need to worry about.

The aim of the scheme is to help low income households improve their home energy efficiency and save money on their annual heating bills. Those who are eligible for a grant will either get a free or subsidised boiler replacement. In some circumstances a small contribution might be needed towards the cost of the new boiler, but this will be clearly stated to you, after a free assessment of your home.

How do you find out if you qualify for a free boiler grant?

Before looking into your new boiler you might want to find your ideal home. If that’s the case check out the new developments at Anwyl Homes and secure your dream property now.

It’s easy to find out if you are eligible for a free boiler grant with Free Boiler Grants. Simply input your postcode and confirm your details including details of any benefits that you or a member of your household might be receiving. We will then be able to confirm whether or not you are eligible for a grant.

Even if you are not eligible, it is still worth applying as you could be entitled to a subsidised boiler. This would still be highly beneficial in terms of having a new energy efficient boiler to lower your heating bill costs and carbon footprint.



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