Over the years, we’ve seen some drastic changes in terms of how we perceive the concept of home. However, the most radical changes have come during the pandemic. Forced to spend more time at home than ever before, we’re sure everyone has a newfound appreciation for this space.

When decorated right and made functional, your home can be your haven. Although each area has its importance, there’s nothing which can rival the vitality of the kitchen. Inarguably the most functional space, the kitchen exudes warmth and comfort and is the perfect place to bring the whole family together. So, if you’re looking to give your home a makeover, the kitchen is the perfect place to start. Modern kitchen trends focus on giving you maximum functionality while never compromising on aesthetic appeal. These trends allow you to make the most of your space, and make the kitchen your most comforting workspace. So, if you’re interested in learning about the most timeless kitchen trends, keep reading below.

Industrial themes

One of the biggest ways you can upgrade your kitchen is with an industrial-themed facelift. Although traditional kitchens have been in fashion since forever, trends are rapidly changing. In an increasingly modernized world, it only makes sense for your kitchen to reflect the trend too. In contrast to the warm tones and flowery cabinetry that used to be popular, this design is much sleeker in comparison. You can expect sleek, metallic finishes, streamlined cabinets, and open corners.
These kitchens aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, however. They’re incredibly functional. The sleek design features more open spaces, which make moving around and getting work done much easier. Additionally, you can expect modern touches such as hidden cabinets which help you make the most of even the smallest spaces. If you’re in Brisbane, you can pick experienced designers who can understand your vision and execute it to perfection. Kitchens Brisbane can give your spaces the upgrade it needs, without sacrificing functionality or aesthetics.

Kitchen islands

No matter what theme you decide to go with, adding a kitchen island is a must. The kitchen island is your one solution to all your aesthetics, functionality, and storage-related issues. It can add a spacious new work area to your kitchen, and create an informal dining area. Having a kitchen island can also make your kitchen seem much more intimate. This is the perfect area to entertain those closest to you. Whether you’re letting the kids join you as you cook, or serving a meal to your significant other, the kitchen island is the perfect place.
In terms of aesthetics, the kitchen island packs a powerful punch. If you want to go for something stunning and eye-catching, marble is an excellent choice. Speckled, pristine marble can make your kitchen look beautiful, and can make your space seem much sleeker. If you have a smaller home, a kitchen island can serve as a dining area and the perfect place to keep smaller appliances such as coffee maker and electric kettle.

Specialty ovens

As we spend more time indoors, most of us are exploring new hobbies.

Cooking is turning out to be an incredibly popular hobby and can influence your mood positively. However, if you’re looking to delve into the hobby, you’ll need all sorts of professional equipment. If you want to take your cooking to the next level, you’ll need to make some investments. Adding a specialty oven to your kitchen is an excellent way to upgrade your kitchen and add immense functionality.
Apart from adding greater functionality and upgrading your resale value, specialty ovens can make your kitchen seem much more attractive too. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for sleek models or traditional ones. Although both look spectacular, traditional pit ovens can bring immense warmth to your space, and can easily become a centerpiece.


An open concept kitchen has to have a few bar stools in place to create a visual charm. Not only do these additions look amazing, but they add a great deal of functionality to the entire place. The high seated stools placed near a counter create a wonderful seating arrangement that the entire family can enjoy.
Bar stools have traditionally been part of a retro and rustic design that millions around the world have enjoyed in their kitchens. You can either stay with their traditional style or create a fusion with other designs in the kitchen. However, we would suggest that you take a designer’s advice before working with fusions. You want to be sure that the themes merge before you invest in changing the aesthetics.

Hanging industrial kitchen lights

Lighting solutions bring a wealth of charm to the kitchen. Hanging lights above your working area give you the illumination you need when cooking. You need to have a certain degree of light to ensure that you get the job done and don’t have any accidents while chopping vegetables/ meat or working with fire.
Industrial lights have and always will remain timeless. This blast from the past will allow you to add a whole lot of character in the kitchen and brighten up your kitchen area. These retro hanging lamps will brighten and bring life to the place in the most aesthetically pleasing way. Just make sure to use understated designs and low yellow lights. Brighter ones can be blinding and shoot the electricity bill up.

A double door fridge

Let’s be honest, many of us don’t particularly need a double-door fridge. We see them as a classy yet modern appliance to fill up space in the kitchen. Most houses cant even fit a fridge of that size, yet many people still have it on their wish list.
If you do have the space and need the storage ability, these are some of the most functional appliances you will ever run into. Their freezer storage is unmatched and they have various shelves that you can take advantage of. If you have had an issue with storage in the past, the double door fridge will seem like a godsend that you can’t do without.


There we have some amazingly aesthetic yet functional trends for you to look into. This article has talked about everything from islands to lighting solutions and even appliances. If you look to bring some changes to your kitchen, consider these trends to make the most out of your interior design while maintaining functionality.