Just because you don’t have a spacious yard doesn’t mean you should skip outdoor entertainment. Your empty patio is an excellent spot to create your retreat. Whether you want to have al fresco dining with family and friends or enjoy your morning coffee, we share creative furniture ideas!

For a rustic and natural look, consider investing in cedar patio furniture, which is both durable and weather-resistant. Cedar’s natural oils protect it from decay and insects, making it an excellent choice for outdoor furniture. Whether you opt for a full furniture set or mix-and-match pieces, cedar furniture will add a cozy touch to your outdoor living space.

Expand the living space outside

An outdoor living room becomes the perfect spot for enjoying the outdoors. Let the patio become part of your living space with a complete furniture set. An outdoor seating area consisting of a couch, black garden chairs, and a coffee table become the ultimate spot for relaxation after a long day. Make sure to add an area rug, as this will anchor your outdoor living room and add a homey touch. An outdoor TV or fireplace can become the main focal point.

Small relaxation area

You don’t need ample space to turn your patio into a destination. Add garden benches and a small side table to curate an elegant yet simple setting. Introduce a pop of color in the form of throw pillows and cute lanterns to turn it into a charming and cozy corner.

Bistro table corner

A cute table with chairs becomes your favorite spot to enjoy moments alone. The setting is ideal for compact spaces that require a touch of personality. Get folding furniture so you can easily remove it once the season ends.

Add the homey feel

With a few decorative touches, your outdoor area will look like an expansion of your indoor living space. Therefore, don’t mind reflecting your interior style outdoors. Set a cozy atmosphere with candles and string lights. Add throw blankets to curl up during the breezy evenings. Copy the interior color scheme outdoors for a cohesive setting.

Al fresco dining space

If you enjoy fine dining in the comfort of your home, creating an al fresco dining space is essential. It will become your favorite spot for hosting and enjoying with your family. A robust dining table and chairs create a cozy setting that gathers the family.

Storage bench

To provide extra seating in a small patio, go for storage benches. They will accommodate more people or create a play area for the children. Make sure to get benches with built-in storage for tucking away the toys or garden tools.

DIY approach

If spending too much on a seating area doesn’t fit your budget, it is time for a DIY project. And you don’t need to have experience with DIYs to create a dreamy seating area. Laying a rug, pallets as a table, and fluffy pillows for seating is a simple and affordable solution with a relaxed Boho vibe. If you feel crafty, you can make your own furniture set using pallets. With tons of different ideas, you will find the ideal fit for your space. Bonus if you paint the pallets in a vivid color to add visual interest to your patio.

If you don’t feel so confident in your crafty skills, simply visit your nearest thrift shop. Use the mix-and-match approach when curating a charming patio. A table with mismatched chairs is a great way to add a dose of personality.

Wicker furniture set

A wicker furniture set will bring the exact vibes if you’re going for the exotic aesthetic. Complement with creamy whites and blue to create a coastal retreat that looks like a summer vacation. Don’t forget to add large leafy plants for a touch of nature.

Yuina Kimura

Yuina Kimura

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