Be it a newly acquired property in Kandivali West or an apartment in Worli, the one thing every homeowner is excited about is the interior of the house. How you decorate your house echoes your personality and can say a lot about you. Keeping personal tastes in mind, there are also a few trends that one must be in sync with so that their house does not look outdated.

Designing your home not only showcases your aesthetic sensibilities but also potrays how luxuriously you want to live. Trends often reflect an open mind and adopting a new way of living. For those who like to keep up with the times, these top interior design trends for 2023 are for you.

1. Wellness is integral

In current times, especially after the pandemic, wellness and self-care have become central to improving well-being. Creating a living environment that can facilitate healthy living and set the tone for practising mindfulness and exuding calm is all the trend right now. This interior design trend will allow you to function to your fullest. The year 2023 can expect innovation that creates beautiful and healthy spaces in the coming times.

2. The Art Deco Comeback

Art Deco was characteristic of Mumbai’s charm and became very popular in the 30s and 40s. The return of this beloved style of the past is expected in 2023. As interiors shift away from the starkness of minimalism, there will be a renewed interest in decorative techniques, such as Art Deco. Art Deco is not hyper-maximalism but all about neat geometric patterns, symmetry, and bright colours.

3. Workplace with character

Whether your workstation is in office or at home, it has been revamped. Individualized designs that are more comfortable have replaced traditional office elements. From layout to furniture design to indoor turf, workspaces are getting happy makeovers to improve employee productivity and better use of the space. For those working from home, it is all about setting up the interior to suit your needs.

4. Improved Home Multifunction

Interior design trends for 2023 are designed to support multifunctional homes. Bespoke interiors will cater to all living needs ranging from daily activities to entertainment to exercise.

5. Maximize Natural Light

2023’s designs are all about the betterment of human functioning. This is why natural light will be very prevalent in upcoming interior elements. Reflective surfaces, whites, and big bare windows that maximize natural light will make their way to new homes.

6. Return of the black

As homes become more character-rich and personalized, there will be a shift towards indulgent designs. Gothic design, for example, is irrefutably dramatic, fascinating and rich, making a great option for those who love dark hues. Having more than dark hues – arch mirrors, sweeping curtains, sculptures, and extravagant chandeliers will become commonplace.

7. Nostalgic-Infusion

The colour and interior design trends of 2023 will focus on nostalgia to invoke a quaint, pleasant air. Bucolic artwork and pastoral patterns will lend a poetic touch to homes.

8. Curves encore

Rounded shapes and arcs have become increasingly common in interiors over the past few years. Crescent sofas, circular rugs and egg chairs became integral, and 2023 is only going to embrace curves. Say hello to architectural details, oblong (elliptical) mirrors, mushroom lighting, and curvy furniture.

9. Spotlight Alcoves

Since the Renaissance, nooks and niches have been the perfect avenues to highlight artwork and sculptures. However, over the centuries, such spaces became more of dust collectors – the modern era almost relinquished their inclusion. However, 2023 is the year for nooks and niches to regain traction and showcase statement decor.

10. Tiered Monochrome

Keeping décor and furniture muted will define unique spaces. 2023 is sure to witness monochromatic interiors in any particular hue. It can comprise slight shade variations of the primary colour while generating a steady and peaceful atmosphere.

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