A beautiful, aesthetic, and pleasing kitchen exudes a positive aura that envelops your entire house. Unsurprisingly, kitchen renovations Melbourne are pretty famous, with around 71% of the people investing in kitchen remodelling, in some way or another.

In 2020, the total value of renovations increased by about 5.6% (as per the latest data). Statistics also show that most Australians in Melbourne prefer altering their kitchen appearance, followed by their bedrooms and bathrooms. If you want to renovate your kitchen, these are some questions you might consider asking them to receive the best results and have some idea about the process beforehand.

Ques. What services do they provide?

Before hiring a professional kitchen renovation company, you should check what services they provide, as you might be looking to renovate your entire kitchen or a specific part of it. Here are some questions you might ask them.

Ques. Do they offer benchtop replacement?

The benchtop is the part of your kitchen which supports the sink, gas stoves, utensils, food items, and almost every other item you can think of. You should get your benchtop replaced if it is stained, its colour has nearly faded, there are minor cracks, or you don’t find it appealing aesthetically. You should ask the renovators if they provide benchtop replacement and what kinds are available in their store. Some of the most popular benchtops that people in Melbourne prefer are stone, caesar, granite, porcelain and Ikea. You should also ask them if they would offer a guarantee of about 15 years, how long would the replacement take, and the total cost? The best benchtops are durable and damage-resistant, and you must expect these qualities in yours.

Ques. What overlays do they have?

Overlay refers to the total area of the front frame that the cabinet covers. They are usually of two types: full and partial. Before selecting a particular design, you must ensure continuity in the cabinet style while considering the frames, drawer fronts and front door measurements. You ought to ask them what materials they use for benchtop overlays. It would be better to use granite or stone since they are ideal for overlays since they are resistant to chipping, staining, scratching and heat. You might also consider asking them if they would arrange the handypersons, plumbers and cabinet makers for the installation work. According to the Victorian Building Authority (whose rules apply to Melbourne as well), tradespeople must be licensed and registered by the VBA, so you should check that beforehand.

Ques. Can they install a splashback?

A splashback is a decoration material that occupies a position between the wall units and the worktop (the area where you stand and prepare food). It is advisable to include splashbacks in your kitchen during your renovations because they take care of excessive moisture and lend a classy aura to the interiors. Even though most Australians in Melbourne use glass, pressed metal, acrylic, mirrored glass, tiles, and toughened glass for their splashbacks, you might consider using porcelain or stone because they have plenty of advantages. For example, those made of stone brighten your kitchen, are easier to clean and provide optimum protection from damage. You could ask them if they offer a guarantee with their splashbacks, and if you could, the professionals could install it behind the gas stove.

Ques. How much would the renovations cost?

It would be helpful to get an idea about the renovation’s cost beforehand, as you could then plan accordingly. The specific cost would depend on the materials used, areas to be covered, project duration, labour charges, and the overall structural work. The average price of remodelling in Melbourne is between 10,000 AUS$ to 30,000 AUD$, so it would be helpful if they offered you something similar. At the same time, you could ask them if they have an interest-free scheme and how much deposit you would have to pay during the project.

Ques. Do their services include sink replacements?

You might have to replace your sink if it looks worn out, it has a continuous leakage problem, or the sink basin shows signs of damage. You could ask them if their services include sink replacements and if they provide those made from stainless steel since they are resistant to heat and stain, require little maintenance, and don’t crack or chip easily.

You could ask the renovation company these questions before hiring them for your kitchen renovations in Melbourne. From the benchtops to the splashbacks, every part of your kitchen should exude style, classiness and elegance after the project and provide you satisfaction every time you look at it.



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