Water damage is described as the losses caused by the contact of water with materials or other surfaces. This contact leads to several damaging processes, such as rusting, rotting, mold growth, bug infestation, ugly stain patches on surfaces, electrical damage, and even structural deformation.

This situation can be a result of broken or leaking pipes, broken hoses, kitchen sink overflow, clogged toilets, leaking roofs and windows, and also flooding. Whatever the source of this damage might be, it inevitably leads to catastrophic and harmful situations not discounting the loss of valued assets.

In a case of leakage in a building, quick actions must be taken to restore the property to its original form and to prevent damages. These actions involve the services of a damage restoration agent. These agents specialize in the removal of clogged water from affected buildings and the restoration of these buildings to their normal condition. Several companies specialize in the provision of these services and operate different policies. One is however advised to seek agents from Dependable Restoration or other similar companies that have proven to provide reliable work to salvage the problem of moisture damage.

Why Use Water Damage Restoration Agents?

Restoration agents are trained personnel specialized in handling cases of water damage in your homes. They ensure the complete removal of fluid.

This restoration is done through the following processes:


This is the evaluation of the extent of the damages incurred by the outcome of water leakage. This evaluation is done with the use of technology-based equipment such as a hygrometer and a liquid detector. The area of this mishap is identified and classified.

Water Removal

This second step involves the extraction of clogged liquid from the building. Advanced equipment like massive-powered vacuums and extractors are used to absorb stagnant liquid from the building.


Here, the specialists make use of air movers and industrial dehumidifiers to dry and dehumidify your building, and also remove moisture from wet materials and appliances. Although your home may look dry after this process, some materials, however, will yet be moist and could suffer damage if kept that way. These specialists, therefore, would continue monitoring the level of moisture in your home before proceeding to the next step.

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Cleaning and Sanitization

This process is mandatory in the restoration of homes. Professionals are trained properly in the act of cleaning as well as sanitization. They make use of specialized PPEs like protective gloves, N96 respirators, and other specialized tools to ensure the proper sanitization of your homes. They also dispose of destroyed materials found in your homes.


This is the last step of your home restoration process. Here, the professionals fix, repair, and replace whatever items or materials may have been damaged. This process is to return the affected home to its previous state. Also bear in mind that some of these specialized agencies work with your insurance policy and would charge you nothing or less for damage control.

Tips to Prevent Water Damage

Bearing in mind the various consequences this type of damage can cause, it is only wise to prevent such occurrences. Listed are the various ways to prevent the occurrence of flooding or moisture damage in one’s home.

Installation of Moisture Detection Appliances

These detectors are electronic devices that sound alarms when their sensor comes in contact with liquid. It detects slow leaks and short moisture levels that are not easily noticed. It is advisable to install these devices near appliances as water heaters, washing machines, and also bathrooms to easily detect water damage and subsequent mold growth.

Investigate and Quickly Fix Detected Leaks

if there is any evidence of leakage in your residence, you should promptly act on it to prevent it from worsening. Leaks that are not quickly attended to cause mildew and mold growth, moreover it leads to the weakening of the structural integrity of your home. Do note that your insurance might not include coverage for damages resulting from poor maintenance.

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Know your Water Source

It is pertinent to know how the pipes in your home are run and the source so that you can know what to shut off in the event of a leak or burst pipe so that the damage can be minimal. This knowledge will also make any plumbing work to be done in your home easier and faster.

Maintain Home Appliances

Your home appliances should be checked, maintained, and serviced regularly, especially appliances that have constant exposure to moisture, like your washing machines, kitchen sinks, and refrigerators. When the hose of your refrigerator and washing machine become old, they have a great tendency to become leaky. Check and change your hoses regularly to prevent the ugly cases of waterlogging in your home, which could be expensive to take care of.

Check Water Pressure

Ensure to regularly check your home water pressure by making use of a pressure gauge. This device gives the reading of the water pressure of your home and tells you when the pressure is too high. When the pressure is high, the hoses and pipes in your homes may fail; a pressure regulator should be installed to avoid such incidents. These essential devices can be gotten from your local store.

Pay Attention to Water Bills

A significant change in one’s bills alerts one and makes one prudent in spending; so it should with your home bills. When there is a significant and unexplained hike in your water bill, you should immediately seek to find out the reason. You should investigate and find out if a leakage has occurred in your home; do not leave any stone unturned, so you can attend to the cause before it worsens.

Clear Gutters and Pipes

Clear your gutters and pipes regularly to prevent the occurrence of stagnant waste products that causes blockage. Stagnant liquid can cause severe damage to roofs and gutters and can also create puddles that destroy foundations. Furthermore, it leads to the growth of molds and is also a habitat for harmful bacteria, which may cause serious health issues.

For further information on preventive measures to take to avoid water damage, refer to this article.


Damages due to uncontrolled water contact can be severe even leading to irreparable loss. Therefore, any sign of water leakage detected anywhere should be quickly attended to, to prevent further damages or destruction. If your attempt to curtail a leakage proves abortive, seek professional help. A specialized water damage restoration agent should be hired to deal with the situation. Preventive measures should also be taken and adhered to, to prevent the outbreak of such catastrophic occurrences.



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