Whether you have just brought a new home or you already have a home many people are now deciding to carry out lots of their home improvements themselves. So what are the home improvement jobs you can do yourself without needing a skilled tradesperson?

There are many home improvement jobs you can now have a go at doing yourself and in the most, to be successful it’s mostly about knowing how to do it and having the right tools and the right products to do it.

The internet is a great tool to use for home improvement ideas and ‘how to’ guides with blog posts and videos galore to help you along your way.

Before you start any project make sure you plan what you are doing, how you will do it and ensure that you have everything you need to do the job in one go. There’s nothing worse than having to stop partway through and have to go to the DIY shop to buy something you need.

Stripping Wallpaper

Removing wallpaper can either be really easy or a complete pain so having the right tools and equipment is essential. A good wallpaper steam stripper will make this job easy as long as you follow the instructions and are careful with the steam so as not to hurt yourself.

You will never know how easily the paper will come off the walls and whether it will take much of the wall away with it when it comes off so it’s always a bit of an unknown.

Spend your time doing it carefully as your preparation time will save you in the long run.

Sanding Walls

If you’ve taken off wallpaper or your walls are cracked and uneven then whether you are painting them or re wallpapering them you should always spend time filling the cracks and holes and sanding them after. A good electric sander or definitely a sanding block with different grades of sandpaper will help you achieve a flat result.

Stripping Beams, Door Frames & Doors

Doing this job by sanding alone will be a long, hard and messy job to take them back to the original wood. Using a safe and non-toxic paint or varnish remover will make this job so much quicker, easier and with less mess. A paint remover will also enable you to remove the layers in the awkward areas which sanding won’t ever get to. Paste in on, leave it to work and then scrape or wipe the product away. You can read our ‘how to’ guide here which gives you help and advice on the best methods of removal and products here.

Upcycling Kitchen & Bathroom Cupboard Doors

When you’re on a budget or you don’t want to spend thousands on a new bathroom or kitchen there are loads of hacks available which will transform a kitchen or bathroom. Strip back the wood using the methods above and then repaint with chalk paint, varnish or wax. Lots of chalk paints can be used on any type of surface, tiles, shower doors, glass, plastic, bath panels and much more.

Upcycling Furniture

If you have old furniture that is sturdy and needs updating, or you’ve found a gem in your local charity or recycling shop then there are some amazing tricks to make it look brand new and a standout piece in your home. Strip it back using the methods above and again use wax or varnish if you want to keep it in its original wood state, or maybe a dark chalk paint with gold asymmetric designs to give it that art deco look. Old furniture upcycled looks amazing and will not only look great but you will be saving the planet by not buying new.

Removing Tiles

This can be a horrible job and a lot of the time it’s about sheer hard labour to get the tiles off, however, worth it as it will save you paying someone else to do it.

If you find a loose tile to start you off then prize it off with a chisel. Any that are completely in place, put the chisel in the centre of the tile and gently hit it with a hammer until it shatters and you can then chisel the remaining pieces of the wall or floor.

You’ll find that once one tile is loose they’ll all start to become loose so don’t be disheartened when you first start.


Everyone thinks painting is the easiest job but the right tools are needed. Always use decent paint, a good paintbrush and roller and use frog tape to achieve your straight lines. Remember, you’ll also need a ladder or long reach roller for those high points.

Always think ahead about how many coats you might need to do and buy enough paint before you start and this will make sure there’s no variance in your paint colour.

Creating Built-in Storage

Creating your own wardrobes or storage will save you a huge amount of money and most suppliers now have online planning tools you can use which remove a lot of the errors that can happen. Add your measurements and then find the carcases, doors and elements you want. You will see what they’ll look like and it will add everything you need to build them into your basket, even down to the fin finishing elements of internal lighting.