There are many light fixtures in the market today and choosing one that suits your home needs can be a journey.

From the industrial lighting fixtures, artistic chandeliers, and everything in between, you can consider when adding personality to your space. You should also consider adding LED icicle lights to your home as it gives you a more festive warmth.

But it doesn’t have to be.

This post lists the lighting trends that will dominate the coming year while adding elegance to any space. And whether you want to illuminate your interiors or outdoors, there’s an exquisite option available to suit your needs.

But which trends are these?

Let’s get to them.

1. Adjustable Lights

Want a light you can adjust to meet your specific needs?

The adjustable lights are now a trend and will continue to dominate, especially for tasks that require close-up lighting.

And the beauty of using these adjustable lights?

They are versatile and enable you to target light better than any other type of fixture would allow you to. And if you pair them with a dimmer, it becomes possible to control the amount of light plus direction on any space.

2. Clean Lighting

There’s been a new move towards using sustainable or natural materials in lighting fixtures, and this will continue in the coming year.

Materials such as bamboo, leather, seagrass, and wood have seen an uprise. And in the coming year, you will be sure to see these options plus others like wood beads, rope, and twine dominate.

Picture a ceiling light with grey wooden bead garlands that drop down to form an airy bowl shade or a pendant made of rope crafted in the shape of a tree or a leaf.

Beautiful, right?

Well, lookout for more of these designs in the coming year.

3. Industrial Designs

Modern industrial designs have changed from an emphasis on metal and neutral colors to more varied tones and alternative designs.

And in 2021, industrial lights will feature sleeker metals and retro fixtures that bring in the aspect of art from their finer details. You can then use these industrial lights as pieces of art on your wall, centerpieces in your living room, or statement pieces around your work area.

Alternatively, use them to brighten entrances or create moods in certain spaces like your bedroom or office.

Looking for additional ideas on how to leverage trending light fixtures to make your home stand out in the coming year?

This Claxy infographic details lighting trends that will dominate the coming year, and you should check it out for more ways to brighten your home.

Lukas Richter

Lukas Richter

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