Whether you’re a pro in the field or a neophyte in need of some know-how, this blog post will give you insight into what it takes to repair your bow wall adequately. In addition, we’ve included some tips to avoid damaging your bow wall and how to prevent moisture from collecting in its vicinity. These factors could cause serious damage in the future.

Signs Of A Bowing Wall

Water Seepage

One of the biggest problems that homeowners face with their bow wall is the formation of “water seepage.” Although common, this is one of the most under-reported problems in all home maintenance. If you see signs that your walls are leaking, it is important to make sure you do something about it before it becomes a bigger problem. While the water might seem harmless, it can cause serious damage to your home and things like mold and mildew, as well as possible structural damage to your house.

Sticky Doors & Windows

If you notice that one of your doors or windows isn’t opening the way it should be, this is a sign that there is moisture seeping through your bow wall. Not only are you missing out on insulation, but you are also losing valuable energy by overlooking the problem.

Cracks In Walls

It doesn’t take long for water to start to accumulate in an area that doesn’t have a seal. You can find many cracks in houses, balconies, and exterior walls. But these cracks aren’t always visible, so your best bet is to look for what you know is wrong. If you notice that your window frames are leaking and that the area around them is starting to warp and buckle, then you should know that it’s time to do some wood bowing wall repair.

Causes Of Bowing Wall

Moisture Seepage

Although moisture seepage is hardly unusual, it can often be avoided. If you notice that there are areas where water is collecting, this will typically manifest itself in the form of “water seepage” or “moisture issues.” This can take many forms, but typically you will find condensation in basements, rooflines, and crawl spaces.

Improper Insulation

One of the best ways to avoid the build-up of moisture in your home is to make sure you have an adequate insulation system. Depending on where you live, insulating your walls can help keep moisture from seeping through.

Best Method For Repairing A Bowed Wall

Wood Repair

Over the years, moisture will start to take its toll on your walls. As time goes on, you are likely to notice that your wall hasn’t fared as well as it used to. This is typical because of a lack of insulation or improper repair work.

Bracing system

You can find many techniques for fixing this problem. One of the most effective is to use a wrought iron bracing system. This process has been in use for centuries and works to add support wherever it is needed. Proper bracing will give your home the support it needs to withstand the elements without causing you any more headaches.


If you live in an area where moisture is a constant problem, then you might want to try sealants. These sealants work well to prevent moisture from penetrating your home.

Repairing your bow wall is something that can be achieved with some basic wood tools and know-how. While you might not be able to fix all of the problems you run into with your walls, it certainly won’t hurt to try.