Whenever you plan on buying a new house/apartment, or even renting one, what is the first thought that comes to your mind?

Is it the architecture of the house or the paint you will select? Or, you have started budgeting about interior decoration. There is something more that you need to budget about.

Do not make security an afterthought!

We have seen people ignoring security to end up with dangerous consequences. Hence, to ensure that you do not end up being a victim of any burglary or intrusion, make security your first priority in 2022.

Here are some of the home security options that you can incorporate in the new year to make your ‘home sweet home’ extra secure.

Why Is Home Security So Important?

Yes, your house comes with its own security system. Good locks for houses and beeper entries for apartments. Some apartments even have their own security cameras. But, what makes these security systems ‘good’ to ‘iron clad.’

This is where the whole personal security system comes in. If you find it difficult to understand your home or perimeter and where you would need security, call for professional help.

The home security in Garland can help you get all the important analyses and even install these security measures for you.

When it comes to home security, you have to make it intimidating. So it is to ensure that you have a goodnight’s sleep without worrying about any potential crime or to make your house less of a target for robbers.

Good home security can alert you about danger, and you can save precious time rather than getting ambushed by it.

Home security equipment will protect you and your family during an emergency, and with wireless technology, you will always have proof in hand.

Home Security Options For 2022

Here are some of the home security options picked for the new year. You can consider them for a bit of renovation in safeguarding.

1. Video DoorBell

The first one in our list is quite the common one, and it has been in the security business for quite some time. Having a camera for your door is essential because it can prevent you from opening a door for potential danger.

A door hole is never enough because someone suspicious can easily restrict your view. Make sure you place the doorbell camera high above so that it is out of reach from others.

2. Password Protected Garage Door

Your garage needs to be protected as well; it is like the most beneficial vortex that can enter your house [if your garage is attached to your house]. However, in today’s day, an age when a simple bobby pin can open the lock with a little twist and turn, you need something stronger.

A password-protected garage will only be for the people with the passwords. You do not have to make it wireless and link to wifi—simple good old password-protected locks.

3. Nanny Camera

This is for everyone who leaves their babies, kids, or elderly parents with help at home. We are not asking you to be distrustful towards people who provide such thankless services, but for just being a little careful.

Placing a nanny will give you some relief. Especially the ones that you can operate with your phone. Allowing you to frequently check up on your loved ones.

4. Cameras For Backyard

Do not forget your perimeters, especially your backyard, since it is the perfect hiding place. You can have an equipment room or just long grasses, and it is also not the place you visit that often.

If you get some simple CCTV cameras for your backyard, and at times just monitor it, your house is much more secure than before. You can even record the footage overnight to check it later.

5. DoorBell Speakers

Maybe sometimes, just looking at the person is not enough; knowing their purpose of ringing the bell is helpful. You can now know the purpose with a communicating device like doorbell speakers or an intercom.

This can also help you detect suspicion judging by what they say and how they say it.

6. Glass Breaking Sensor

Now, coming to some of the advanced wireless security technologies. First is a genius invention of glass-breaking sensors. In case of deep sleep, your ears might not be able to hear the window breaking downstairs.

However, the loud sound of the sensor alarm will never miss your ears. It gives you enough time to call 911, and the loud sound can even wake your neighbors.

7. Motion Sensor With Light

At night we tend to keep our lights off for the perimeters, but then how to detect an intruder at night? Motion sensors with light are a genius solution for this. The lights will automatically switch on for the cameras to capture.

The motion sensors can also have alarms that can go off when in danger.

8. Automobile Sensors

If you have a garage with one or more automobiles, you can see that intruders enter the house more often than not from an open garage.

If you have an automobile sensor, it will not only protect your favorite car, but with a little touch, the sensor will go off blasting in the whole house.

9. Smart Locks

A smart lock is a wireless locking system that either has fingerprint or facial recognition. So it is like your own lock recognizes you.

This will give access to your house only to you and the registered member. Plus, you can lock this door from your phone. So, no more worrying about whether you have locked the door.

10. Finally- Panic Buttons

Lastly, the panic button which is technology’s best gift to mankind. Unfortunately, we are never able to locate our phones in times of emergency.

This is why you need panic buttons in your new home. It is stationary, and with one press, it notifies the nearby hospital or police station. You are saving precious time!

Home Safe Home!



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