With growing technology comes better comfort and one such innovative and modern technology that makes our lives more comfortable is a smart thermostat. A thermostat is nothing but a sensor that helps maintain and adjust the temperature in a closed space where it is installed; it could be your home, office or an institution.

In scientific terms a thermostat is a modulating instrument which recognizes the temperature and executes an action to conserve a determined or set temperature. It operates as a ‘sealed’ authority device, as it functions to reduce the margin between the desired and measured temperatures.

A smart thermostat is Wi-Fi enabled which means you can program when your heating or cooling turns on through your thermostat via the application on your smart device connected to internet or Wi-Fi. It automatically adjusts the heating and cooling settings in your home based on your preferences, daily routine, external weather conditions and your needs, it also saves your wallet on the electric bill.

How Does A Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat Work?

These thermostats function through three units i.e. heating; Ventilation; and Air Conditioning System (HVAC). These units function by being connected to one another meaning all your heating and cooling devices (HVAC System) that have been set up are all connected to one controller. This controller is connected to the smart thermostat or these devices are separately connected to the smart thermostat via wiring and plug ins.

Your HVAC system then interfaces with the smart thermostat’s main control and the final part that gives it the title of smart is the application or software, which is then downloaded into your phone, PC, tablet or any other smart device. The functioning of these units together allows you to adjust your home temperature from any point in the world, given a wireless or internet connection which is also known as ‘wireless remote thermostat’. There are even smarter versions and models of thermostats taking rounds in the market in which it can learn your living habits and automates itself to your routine over time, predicting your preferences, also known as ‘learning thermostat’.

There are thermostats which even provide sector wise temperature control, data and statistics on your usage, outdoor temperature indicator to regulate your indoor temperature and all of this comes under one touch of your smart device.

Heating System And Thermostat control

In present times one of the most innovative and fancied upon heating system is the infrared heating system. Now infrared heating is a method which uses infrared radiation to warm up the bodies in its surrounding field. It functions by transferring thermal energy directly to a body with lower temperatures through electromagnetic waves in its region.

This system is one of the most sought after systems because the nearby air is not heated and is unconcerned in the transfer of heat which makes it energy-saving, trouble-free and healthy. One can attach a smart thermostat by simply connecting or plugging in their heating system with the thermostat’s main control and then function or regulate the usage by using their smart device. Imagine during winters, you are coming home from your office and would really like to ease up in a warm and relaxed environment.

With this heating system connected to your smart thermostat you can easily get your desired comfort by just turning on your application and start the function of the heating. By the time you arrive at your home, the system will have made the environment according to your desire and setting.

Ceiling Infrared Heating Panels

These are flat heating panels which are attached or fit inside the ceiling. The advantage of these heating panels is that the heat and warmth is felt quickly and effectively because the transfer of heat is directly over-head along with a much lower energy consumption compared to conventional heating systems.

Because of its ceiling attachment, these Infrared Heating panels save up space in your home. The wiring required for the thermostat to be connected to it is also done easily and quickly with no need for an electrician as well.

Another advantage of these panels when connected to your smart thermostat is that each panel can be operated separately and you can choose to heat up only that particular space when needed, thus saving a ton of energy and money. One added bonus of these panels is that they come in different stylish and modern designs which provides an attractive look and makes your home look even smarter.


Because of such comfort a smart thermostat adds in users’ life, most of the people are giving preference to this product instead of the traditional heaters. These heaters can save a lot of money for you if used smartly. So, don’t think twice, get a smart thermostat heater for you now!



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